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Why Unborn Jesus?
May 29, 2007, 9:36 pm
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“When we cast the mysteries of His Life into great groups and masses, we make His Life threefold, Joyful, Suffering and Glorious. The most complete form is that which distinguishes eight lives in Him, His Unborn Life, Infant Life, Hidden Life, Public Life, Suffering Life, Risen Life, Ascended Life, and Sacramental Life. Into these moulds the Incarnation pours itself, and comes out in forms and shapes of the most surpassing beauty.” Father Faber (Bethlehem, p.242)

You might wonder why we would have a blog that focuses on the Unborn Christ Child. We want to show the beauty of His Unborn Life and what this teaches the Church about the Incarnation. We live in a time that completely devalues unborn children, but the Unborn Christ Child reveals the Father’s great love for these unborn children. The Unborn Christ Child, is for us, a champion of the Culture of Life.

“The pregnancy of Mary – no longer “too holy” to talk about, is now too relevant to ignore.” Unborn Jesus Our Hope

“I see how just as the errors of radical feminism challenged us to develop a true Christian sense of womanhood, so can the scourge of abortion bring forth new wonder about the unborn person in the light of the life of the unborn Jesus.” Ronda Chervin, Foreword, Unborn Jesus Our Hope


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