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The Burning Bush
May 31, 2007, 11:41 pm
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St. Justin Martyr (Died c. 155 A.D.) taught that it was Jesus who appeared to Moses in the burning bush.

“These words (of the Prophets), then, have become the proof that Jesus Christ is the Son and Apostle of God, being of old the Word, appearing at one time in the guise of fire, and at another time as an incorporeal image…formerly He appeared to Moses and to the other prophets in the form of fire and as an incorporeal image…” First Apology, 127

St. Fulgence of Ruspe (467-527 A.D.) seems to see the burning bush as prefiguring the Incarnation when he observes:

“From the very beginning of the virginal conception a unity of Person so remained in Christ, and the unconfused reality of both natures so perdured, that neither could the Man be torn asunder from God, nor could God be separated from the Man assumed. Nevertheless, the divinity did not consume the humanity, nor did the humanity change the divinity into something else…” The Trinity, 2248

Fr. Richard F. Clark, S. J. in a pamphlet published by the Catholic Truth Society in 1964 sees the expectant Madonna (see above statue) in terms of the burning bush.

“The flame of fire in the burning bush was a figure of Jesus in Mary’s sacred womb…. So He still speaks as if concealed in Mary’s womb…”. The Coming of Christ, p. 38

“Perhaps the difference between the bush ablaze and the mother expectant is that the former is a spectacular miracle, whereas the latter is mystifyingly tender and meek. Moses was frightened by the spectacle (Ex 3:6), but who could be frightened of this young and thoughtful handmaid, Mary? She did not obscure the presence of the Son of God within her by arrogance, vanity, or any peculiar personal characteristics. Her naturally simple human ways were ideally matched with these supernatural divine ways of God’s providence. ” Unborn Jesus Our Hope

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