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The Visitation – An Unusual Painting and a poem by a Catholic Convert
June 7, 2007, 10:05 pm
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STRUEB, Hans and/or Jakob
The Visitation
c. 1505


The Visitation

Joyce Kilmer

(For Louise Imogen Guiney)


There is a wall of flesh before the eyes
Of John, who yet perceives and hails his King.
It is Our Lady’s painful bliss to bring
Before mankind the Glory of the skies.
Her cousin feels her womb’s sweet burden rise
And leap with joy, and she comes forth to sing,
With trembling mouth, her words of welcoming.
She knows her hidden God, and prophesies.


Saint John, pray for us, weary souls that tarry
Where life is withered by sin’s deadly breath.
Pray for us, whom the dogs of Satan harry,
Saint John, Saint Anne, and Saint Elizabeth.
And, Mother Mary, give us Christ to carry
Within our hearts, that we may conquer death.

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What can I say? This poem is a beautiful ode to the Visitation. It’s author seems to effectively capture the union of Mary, Elizabeth and Jesus and John in that encounter. This prayer, will be both efficacious and will roll off the tongue producing a sweet sound.

Thank you for your comment, Jennifer.
I’m glad you liked it. We thought it was a beautiful poem too. Once in awhile we plan to post poems that touch on the Incarnation or the pro-life message.

Comment by JENNIFER

I did not know Joyce Kilmer was a convert. That makes me happy. All of these beautiful pictures and poems are inspiring and awesome.

I am glad you like them. It was really surprising for us to find out that Joyce Kilmer was a convert too.

Comment by Barb Kirk

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