UNBORN WORD of the day

June 13, 2007, 10:41 pm
Filed under: Unborn Jesus


Yesterday we talked about the Church’s longstanding devotion to the Christ Child. A natural extension of that devotion is devotion to the Unborn Christ Child.

We can demonstrate that Unborn Jesus, during His nine months in the womb, identified with unborn children in many ways. (See our post on the Visitation for part of this demonstration). Once we make this simple but profound connection between Unborn Jesus and all unborn children today –especially those at risk – the devotion takes shape quite logically.

It is, like most devotions, a devotion of discovery. That is, we discover Christ in a new and powerful way. And in discovering Unborn Jesus we re-discover the beauty and meaning of each unborn child. He is like a prism through which we see the human integrity and beauty of all unborn children, no matter their age, size, color, shape or other characteristics.

This discovery of the Unborn God leads our thoughts to a unifying principle of supernatural awareness, such that the Christian devotional heart harmonizes with the Christian social conscience! A powerful unity of purpose which brings together Christian spirituality on the one hand with this basic human rights issue – the right to life of unborn children – on the other hand. Both hands in prayer.

We are presented with an altogether unique devotional opportunity. The devotional heart and the social conscience each inform and heighten the awareness of the other. The right to life of unborn children is linked to the life of the Unborn Savior. Devotion leads to action. (And for a different side of the coin, see our post on The Sacred Heart.)

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