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The Heart of Jesus – before birth
June 14, 2007, 10:15 pm
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The Feast of the Sacred Heart – June 15

“This love inflamed His Heart from the first moment of His conception until His last breath and, since His resurrection, has not ceased nor will ever cease doing so.”
St. Peter Julian Eymard, S.S.S. The Real Presence

The first distinctive parts of His Body to be formed would have been the heart and head. At three weeks they were primitively functional, but by six weeks their form is clearly distinctive. Pope Pius XII has stated that from the moment of Our Lord’s conception. “The adorable Heart of Jesus Christ began to beat with a love at once human and divine after the Virgin Mary generously pronounced Her “Fiat”.” Pope Pius XII, “On Devotion To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus” (Haurietis Aquas), 63. The Love of God Incarnate did not wait for a physical human organ to join its urgent surging beat for love of us! But certainly once the physical human organ was in place it too, in perfect unison, took up this pulse of eternal love.

And so we picture the unborn baby Jesus within His mother’s womb, skin almost transparent in these early weeks of human life, and His Heart, not yet hidden by a thicker, more developed skin, but visible, actually throbbing, pulsing with divine love for us! This is the miniature reservoir of that one commodity that could purchase the salvation of the entire human race, the blood of God Himself! This Precious Blood is separate and different from His mother’s. A small delicate vial of heavenly medicine. It is a tiny Heart, but proportionately compared to the rest of its body, during the first and second months it measures up to nine times the size of the adult heart. Appropriately, the Heart of Unborn Jesus (and His head) dominated His Body: for the Incarnation is about God’s Love for us.

Not only was the Heart of Unborn Jesus proportionally large in physical size, but like that of all unborn infants it beat at a much faster rate than the adult heart (roughly twice as fast) as if to leave no doubt as to its quickening desires and designs towards the human family.

Surely Unborn Jesus had – and has – a special place in His most tiny hidden heart for today’s vulnerable unborn children.

Excerpts from Unborn Jesus Our Hope

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