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St. Joseph, Shadow of the Heavenly Father
June 16, 2007, 6:41 pm
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St. Joseph Shadow of the Father

Painting by Fr. William McNichols

Happy Father’s Day – June 17

St. Joseph is a model for all fathers but in a special way for those fathers who adopt. Here are three quotes from Father Faber to describe St. Joseph:

“He stood to Jesus visibly in the place of the Eternal Father”

“Shadow of the heavenly Father.”

“Meek and gentle, blameless and loving, as St. Joseph was, it is not possible to think of him without extreme awe, because of that shadow of identity with the Eternal Father which belongs to him, and hides him from our sight even while it presents him to our faith.”

St. Joesph adopted Jesus when He was still an unborn baby! All adoptive parents – and especially adoptive fathers – have a special connection with St. Joseph. St. Joseph gave Jesus a place in society, he took care of him and in a special way was ‘the shadow of the Heavenly Father” for Him. God has asked you fathers who adopt to be His sheltering shadow, to stand in His place for those children who need fathers. Happy Father’s Day to all you loving fathers who see in St. Joseph a model for fatherhood.

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