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Patience = Eternity + 9 months + 30 years
June 19, 2007, 9:31 pm
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Here is a quote about the patience of Christ from Mother St. Paul’s book Ortus Christi (published in 1921) .

“Patience is a twofold grace, that of waiting and that of suffering, both are a great aid to zeal. The Eternal Word’s zeal for the salvation of men had existed in all its perfection and all its fullness from all eternity, yet think how long He waited! When the conditions were changed and He had at length become incarnate, He still waited patiently for nine months, and after that He waited for thirty years! This was zeal, zeal in its perfection. Is my zeal tempered with patience?”

Yesterday Caryll Houselander was quoted reflecting on “the habit of Advent”. Part of this “habit” is living the virtue of patience. Through the decades the pro-life movement has had to be patient while trying to promote a Culture of Life. Many disappointments, trials and setbacks have been experienced. Those who are pro-life must persevere and patiently trust in God.

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Thank you for this wonderful site. This is what is sorely needed; daily affirmations and reflections.

Comment by Susan Schneider

Excellent, excellent concept and encouragement

Comment by Karsten Nordmo

We no, more than ever need that forgoten parayer by the Church since Vatican 11. I lived those times at he church whern at the final of the mass the priest at the podum recite Saint Michael Arcangel prayer, so we see now the results, of letting the enemy entered into the church and the whole world, let us pray daily for the whole world, because times are near.
God bless you all, and thank you for this. Maria.

Comment by mariasabea

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