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Bishop Vaughan – A man to remember (1927-2000)
June 24, 2007, 9:52 pm
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Today June 25, 2007 is the memorial of the death of a truly inspirational man, Bishop Austin Vaughan. My husband and I were inspired by Bishop Vaughan’s witness as a Bishop and as a pro-life leader.

John Burger in his tribute to Bishop Vaughan writes: “In December 1987 Bishop Vaughan received an invitation to join Operation Rescue, which had just begun its nonviolent protests aimed at shutting down abortion clinics.

He did not respond immediately, but, after a virtual blackout of the abortion debate during the 1988 presidential primary campaign in New York, he decided that he had to do something to make abortion an issue for voters and candidates. Along with New York Giants star Mark Bavaro and 500 others, he was arrested at an upper East Side Manhattan abortion clinic in May 1988. He went on to be arrested at least eight other times in Dobbs Ferry, Albany, Amherst, N.Y., Pennsylvania and Texas, as well as the Netherlands and Belgium. He served prison sentences of up to 10 days for the actions.”

Father Frank Pavone writes about Bishop Vaughan’s decision to be involved in these rescues:

“I have never broken the law. I have never been arrested. Yet I often think of Bishop Austin Vaughan, auxiliary bishop of New York, who in the last years of his life of faithful service to the Church, was arrested and imprisoned many times for rescuing unborn babies. He saw what Christians were doing across the country as they peacefully blocked the doors of abortion mills to put their bodies between the babies and the instruments of death. Then one day he looked at his episcopal ring, and realized that the three figures on it — St. Peter, St. Paul, and the Lord Jesus — had all been arrested and imprisoned! He no longer hesitated to do so too, if it was the price to pay for saving lives.”

Bishop Vaughan was also known for his tireless defense of the faith. For instance, after Pope Paul VI issued his encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, many voices both outside and sadly inside the Church spoke out against him and this teaching. Bishop Vaughan was one of a small group of Theologians who frequently defended Pope Paul and this teaching. There were numerous other instances of his strong defense of the faith.

Here are three links to help us remember this kind man whose favorite saying was “Whatever God Sends” and who lived by this motto: “To Jesus through Mary”.

A tribute by John Burger

The Catholic duty to be Prolife by Bishop Vaughan

An Assessment of Present Day Catechesis by Bishop Vaughan

We received the following note from Kathy Reilly: Fr. Thomas Morrette has begun the cause for his canonization, but you know how slow things like this can go. It is our hope to obtain letters of testimony from people who knew him, worked with him and were imprisoned with him. He truly was a saintly man of the clothe, a saint who humbly walked among us.

She gave us an address that you can write to for prayer cards – I’m sure you could send any testimonies that you might have to this address too:

Bishop Vaughan Prayer Cards
11 J Street
Schenectady, NY 12305-1133

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I picketed with him. He was a quiet humble man, very much about the business of saving lives. About thirty of us went to what I believe is one of the largest child killing centers in Broward
county florida, Womens Awareness, 6606 SterlingRd.
Hollywood,Fl. I first started picketing there in 1987. Bishop vaughn led us through a full rosary, 15 mysteries, in those days. There were no incidents. He is the only bishop to my knowledge to ever openly picket a killing center in this county. Palm Beach County used to have wonderful Bishop Thomas Daily who closed many clinics by leading huge groups of rosary-praying people at the front door of the clinic and he in his traditional Roman Collar priest clothing standing fully 20 feet in front so you would have no trouble knowing he leads from the front and by example. Bishop Daily once had (reported by tv channel 12) “1000 people praying the rosary in front of the(new Livingstone abortion)clinic in Boca Raton, Fl.” Ya just had to be there!!There are very few catholic clergy who do this.Whose fear of the Lord is so strong it overflows into humble,obedient, sacrifice service to the least of His people, and done out of love.Its a joy to see saintly bishops doing this. The Rev. Austin Vaughn was one of these men.

Thanks for sharing your story about Bishop Vaughan and Bishop Daily. I agree it is a joy to see saintly Bishops standing for life.
God bless you for your participation in these events too.

Comment by james cleary

Bishop Vaughn was my Bishop when I lived in Orange County NY, and inspired me to follow my shepherd and rescue the unborn also. If only there were more leaders of conviction and courage through the years like Bishop Vaughn- maybe abortion might now be a tragic, regrettable memory in our history books, instead of the continuing horror that it is.

I agree! We live on the west coast and were deeply inspired by the example of Bishop Vaughan even though we never met him.

God bless,

Comment by Suzanne

Bishop Austin B. Vaughan, a true shepherd. He fed the hungry, cared for the homeless and protected the life of the unborn. He was a quiet man who lived a Christ-like life of doing what God expected of him.

For five years, I lived in New Windsor, NY and attended St. Patrick’s Church on Grand St. where he was stationed. He was a great example to all who knew him. Truly someone who his brother clerics could look up to and try to emulate his Christ-like heart.

Someday he, like Mother Teresa will be canonized a saint….but for those of us who knew him, he was the saintly Bishop who walked among us.

In Christ,

Kathy Reilly

Comment by Kathy Reilly

[…] to his ordination Father Weslin had taken part in abortion blockades at abortion clinics, once with Bishop Austin Vaughan, his spiritual advisor.  On retired status from his Order in 1988 he decided to take part in an […]

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Cardinal Egan
Started a file for collecting information to be used for the study and hopefully the promotion of the cause of Bishop Austin Vaughan to be canonized a Saint. Archbishop Timothy Dolan is continuing the effort. Any information should be sent to Archbishop Dolan the current Archbishop of New York.

Comment by Michael O'Donnell

I have a story to tell about Bishop Austin Vaughn. I’ve just discovered this site at 4:30 a.m. and I”ve been up most of the night. I’ll get some sleep and come back to write my story later. If I should forget, interested persons may call me:
Sister Mary Gormley, RSM
1 – 716 – 825 – 5531

or e-mail me: megrsm@yahoo.com

Comment by Sister Mary Gormley, RSM

We are starting a NOVENA on June 20th for the Canonization of Bp Austin Vaughan … would you like to join? Does anyone have any suggestions for which Novena we might use … ?

Comment by Kristin

UPDATE: confusion — someone remembered the date of Bp Vaughan’s death as June 29 and not June 25 and since Bp Vaughan’s funeral Mass was on the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (June 27) in 2000 — we are simply including the intention of Bp Vaughan’s canonization in our Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help — and all may join us on any day of the Novena — (we are using the Novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at http://www.ewtn.com/library/PRAYER/PERPHELP.TXT since it is available to all smart phones etc) and this seems 100% appropriate given the Works of Atonement of the Perpetual Help of Mary and Her special patronage since the mid-1920’s — (during the Calle’s persecution of the Church and all Faithful Catholic citizens in Mexico) — of all Victim Souls especially those countless Victims of contraception, abortion, imposed death in these last 100 years 1917-2017.

Comment by Kristin

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