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We live and move in the Incarnation
June 27, 2007, 10:53 pm
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Father Frederick W. Faber was born in England, June 28, 1814. A famous convert to the Catholic faith – he wrote 150 hymns, the most famous being “Faith of Our Fathers”and “There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy”. We are honoring him on his birthday because he has written extensively about Unborn Jesus and has tried to help us all appreciate those early months of the Incarnation. He wrote the following in his book entitled The Blessed Sacrament.

“The Incarnation is as much the world in which we live as the globe on which we tread, with its earth, air, fire and water, its sun, moon and stars, its animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. If we look at our souls, their present wants and eternal expectations, their life, strength, health and maladies, the Incarnation is as indispensable to them, and as indispensable every hour of the day, as the heat and cold, the air and light, are to our natural subsistence. We live and move in the Incarnation. We are what we are, through it. It covers us, underlies us, and is all around us. It is incessantly affecting us in almost numberless ways, both within and without. We cannot get beyond the reach of its blessed influence, even by disbelieving it or dishonoring it.”

Look at what John Paul II said:

” Creation is thus completed by the Incarnation and since that moment is permeated by the powers of the Redemption, powers which fill humanity and all creation.”

Pope John Paul II
Dominum Et Vivificantem, The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World (#52)

Take heart all you who are trying to build a Culture of Life!

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