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Jesus praying for nine months to His Father
July 5, 2007, 9:40 pm
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Mother of the Incarnate Word
by Fr. William McNichols


O JESUS, living in Mary,

Come and live in Thy servants,
In the spirit of Thy sanctity,
In the fulness of Thy strength,
In the reality of Thy virtues,
In the perfection of Thy ways,
In the communion of Thy

Dominate over every opposing

In Thine own Spirit, to the
glory of the Father.

Prayer of Venerable Father Olier


“He, in her, carried on the blessed converse with His Father; there was never any separation between Mary and the Blessed Fruit of her womb, Jesus. She would come back to Him with all the more joy, and tell Him what she had been doing and saying…When we think of Jesus praying for nine months to His Father, when we think of Mary’s nine months’ colloquy with Jesus, we begin to think that there is something wrong about our methods of prayer, that they need re modeling. Let us try to understand something of what His prayer was.

Mother St. Paul, Ortus Christ



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