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Mary’s pregnancy – no longer “too holy” to talk about, now too relevant to ignore.
July 13, 2007, 12:10 am
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The Annunciation painted by Maurice Denis

The following quotes about the pregnancy of Mary are from Cardinal Pierre De Berulle, ( 1575 – 1629) who founded the French school of Spirituality. St. Vincent de Paul said of him: “He is one of the most saintly priests I have known”

“The period of this mystery invites us to reflect carefully on it often. For it is the period when he is and will be nine months in the Virgin…He is in her as in a temple where he praises and adores God; where he offers his respects to the eternal Father, not only for Himself but for every creature.”

“He wished to share the mystery of the Incarnation with her, by drawing forth from her this body with which he is clothed and by willing that, as his mother, she was involved through her cooperation in this work, which is incomparably greater than the creation of the world.”

This third quote from De Berulle was of interest to me because I had never thought about Mary being the first one to know about and experience the IncarnationThe Messiah, (her people had longed for his coming for centuries) had just come into the worldShe realized that God Himself was the Messiah and she carried Him in her womb. De Berulle explains what she must have thought and how she must have felt:

“The Virgin is involved with Jesus and she is the only one in the whole world involved with Jesus. Thus she is the only one in the whole world adoring the mystery of the Incarnation, which was brought about on earth for the earth but unknown to the earth. She is the only one adoring Jesus. The more that she is the only one captivated by such a great subject, the greater is her involvement. She is devoted to it with all her faculties. All her senses are brought to bear on it, for it is a tangible mystery and tangible within her. All her senses should pay homage to her God made tangible for human nature. Her whole mind is concentrated on it. And the Spirit of Jesus, which enlivens this little divinized body, enlivens the spirit and body of the Virgin as well, through grace, love and a holy, gentle influence.”

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