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He was incarnate for me in the womb of the Blessed Virgin
July 21, 2007, 9:21 pm
Filed under: Quotes from Great Christians


“God added to the natural gifts with which He endowed man supernatural ones, summed up in the gift of grace. What is that? A participation in His own life, something which makes us “partakers of the Divine nature”. (2 Pet. 1, 4) He created man thus in the beginning, for He meant man always to possess supernatural as well as natural gifts. He meant always to live with man and talk and walk with him in the paradise of his soul but Adam chased out the Divine Guest and lost this miraculous privilege for all his children.

God, however, could not rest content to be outside the souls which He had created solely that He might live in them, and He devised a way (the first Coming of Christ) by which He might get back to the dwelling which He cherished so much….

…He gave His only begotten Son to be incarnate for the world…He came to be Emmanuel, God with us and what His Father asks is that we should not shun Him and live far away from Him but that we should dwell with Him….He was incarnate for me in the womb of the Blessed Virgin but He is incarnate in me in a more special and personal way each time that I receive Him in Holy Communion. By means of my Communions and their effects I can dwell always without interruption in the tabernacle of the Most High, for it is of me (each of us) that the Eternal Wisdom speaks when He says: ‘My Father will love him, and We will come to him and will make Our abode with him.’ (John 14, 23)”

Mother St. Paul, Ortus Christi, 1921

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