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Jesus: A babe in a cave, a servant in a shop, a criminal on a cross
July 31, 2007, 11:17 pm
Filed under: Incarnation, Quotes from Great Christians


Today, August 1, 2007 is the feast day of St Alphonsus de Ligouri (1696-1787). Below are a reflection and an excerpt from a prayer written by Alphonsus:

“Consider that the Eternal Father addressed these words to the Infant Jesus at the instant of His conception: ‘I have given Thee to be the light of the Gentiles, that Thou mayest be My salvation’ (Isa 49:6). My Son, I have given Thee to the world for the light and life of all people, in order that Thou mightest procure for them their salvation, which I have as much at heart as if it were my own. Thou must therefore employ Thyself entirely for the well-being of men: ‘Wholly given to man, Thou must be wholly spent in his service’ (St. Bernard). Thou must therefore, at Thy birth, suffer extreme poverty, in order that men may become rich, ‘that Thou mayest enrich them by Thy poverty’”. (Meditation I, Novena for Christmas)

“O Divine Word, become man for me, though I behold Thee thus humbled and become a little infant in the womb of Mary, yet I confess and acknowledge Thee for my Lord and King, but a king of love…Ah, my infant King, how could I so often rebel against Thee, and live so long Thy enemy, deprived of Thy grace, when, to oblige me to love Thee, Thou hast put off Thy divine majesty, and hast humbled Thyself even to appearing, first, as a babe in a cave; then as a servant in a shop; then as a criminal on a cross?” (Meditation, 1st Wednesday of Advent)


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