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we could not go to God; God came to us
August 1, 2007, 11:51 pm
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Today August 2, 2007 is the feast day of St. Peter Julian Eymard. In the following passage he reflects on the Gospel scene recorded in Luke 1:39-56.

“St. John’s first grace was one of adoration. The Word was in Mary’s womb. He inspired His mother to visit Elizabeth; Mary carried to John his Master and King. John could not come, for his mother was too old to undertake that journey; Jesus Christ went to him. He did the same for us; we could not go to God; God came to us.

When Mary “saluted” Elizabeth, she loosened the power of her divine Son….How good our Lord was to John! He wanted to bless him and make Himself known to him from his mother’s womb. How pleasing to Him the adoration of His precursor must have been! It was so spontaneous!

Jesus stayed with him three months. They were both hidden within the maternal tabernacle. John constantly adored his God; he felt His hidden presence. Join in St. John’s adoration, which was so real and heartfelt in spite of the veils and barriers that separated him from his Lord.”

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