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what unknown wonders, of whose existence we cannot dream, because they are so far down in God
August 5, 2007, 8:36 pm
Filed under: Quotes from Great Christians, Unborn Jesus


Today, August 6, is the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. Through much of His life Jesus preferred to remain hidden. Even the three short years that He preached and performed miracles were done in a way that seemed in many ways ordinary. The Transfiguration stands alone as a moment when Jesus allowed the veil between heaven and earth to drop, letting us see a measure of His glory generally hidden during His life on earth.

Father Faber comments on the hiddeness and glory of Christ before birth:

“Yet how wonderful are those few samples of the occupations of the Nine Months which we have been allowed to see! If these are few, and superficial, and not in their true depth comprehended by us, what must have been the works of that active and contemplative life, so full of reality, energy, substance, and accomplishment, as we have already seen it to be! What must they have been in multitude, since these were momentary; what in grandeur, since these lie within our reach; what in unknown wonders, of whose existence we cannot dream, because they are so far down in God.

Almost always we may be sure that what we see of God is less grand than what we do not see. He shows us what we can bear, and strengthens us to see much which our weak nature could never bear; and yet after all it is little better than the surface of His brightness, the back of His glory, as Moses calls it, which we see. Even the grandeur, which we see, we do not see in its real greatness, its absolute and essential gloriousness.”

From Bethlehem by Father Faber


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