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August 11, 2007, 5:41 pm
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Our story begins, not surprisingly, in the middle of a body of water, where our hero has mysteriously been found. For some reason he seems agitated. As he swallows the amniotic fluid he seems to have the hiccups. This unidentified unborn baby has been discovered – but what will happen next?

He is still in the first trimester; “The (Un)born Identity”. Suddenly his identity is being questioned, challenged really, “He’s not really human”, “just a blob of cells”, “it’s okay to kill him since he’s not alive”. This little baby has to fight, not only for his life, but also for his very identity. There seems to be a virtual conspiracy against truth, and in this case, the truth concerning his identity. This unborn baby seems to be the victim of a metaphysical identity theft.

Organizations are working feverishly with two goals: to hide his real identity and to kill him. There are so many groups involved it is hard to keep track of them: International Planned Parenthood (IPP), the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), the National Organization of Women (NOW) and many more. Wow. The action is fast and furious as they locate his whereabouts and line him up in their sites.

But marvelously he has made it into his second trimester; “The Born Supremacy”. But still there is confusion – is this a supremacy of those who are already born against the unborn or is this the supremacy of nature and basic morality that seems to be dominating, winning back the day? Those with the power are clearly against the unborn. But our hero seems undaunted, his struggle to survive takes on epic proportions. Will he make it? To be born or not to be born, that is the question.

Is it a miracle or what? He makes it to his third trimester; “The Born Ultimatum”. While he was having dreams of his intrauterine experiences (noises, extreme buoyancy, touching, sucking his thumb and so on) even in his second trimester, now these dreams (almost flashbacks) are gaining in intensity. He has but one ultimate mission now – to be born. Of course it’s all in his mother’s hands (and God’s). Her decisions have been crucial all along.

Smiles all ‘round, two thumbs up, our baby has been born and we are happy. A mother’s love wins the day. Well, not everyone experiences happiness – IPP, AGI, NOW are all in disarray. But that’s okay – the rest of us are all happy!

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I made a post on my blog about this 😀

Thanks Nicholas, I urge anyone interested in Apologetics to go to Phatcatholic. Not only great blogging but this blog has lots of great resources on the sidebar.

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