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King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts and a Royal Priesthood
August 21, 2007, 9:44 pm
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Today, August 22, 2007 is the feast of The Queenship of Mary.

In this age of democracies and wannabe or pretend-to-be democracies, many have forgotten that the New Testament contains numerous references to Christ as “King” (as well as to His Kingdom, His Reign, throne and so on). And again, many dismiss these titles as archaic and irrelevant in a time of such modern sophistication. It’s quite curious that the modern person pretty much disdains the concept of a monarchy.

So when Christians today come across a reference in the Bible to Christ as King many look at it as a mere symbolic concept not a real title connoting Power and Authority. But the personages who appear in the Book of Revelations seem to take His Kingship quite seriously! Christ is King! And we are most fortunate that He is our King!

Enter Mary, the Queen Mother. Does she further complicate the problem or further enhance the sublimity of the reality of Christ the King? The latter I wager. When Martin Luther discussed this briefly in his reflections on the Wedding Feast at Cana he states that the title ‘Queen of Heaven’ “is a true-enough name” but quickly adds that it “does not make her a goddess”. So in this I agree with Luther, the title “Queen of Heaven” is apt and Mary is human not Divine. No argument here. In the Book of Revelations the apostle John shows us Mary pregnant, with a crown of twelve stars upon her head (Rev 11:19-12:17).

By the way, all Christians have a little share in Christ’s royalty just as we have a little share in His Priesthood too. St. Peter says of Christians: “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation…” (I Pet 2:9). Does my tiny share in the priesthood of Christ diminish His Kingship? No, my humble participation is meant to point heavenward to His greater Glory! Does Mary’s Queenship diminish His Kingship? No. it is, in fact, His idea – see Revelations 11:19 -12:17.

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