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Behold the Woman: Truth-Love-Life Harmonized
August 28, 2007, 10:34 pm
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She is a garden enclosed, my sister, my promised bride;
a garden enclosed, a sealed fountain.
Song of Songs,

Here’s an interesting excerpt from Pope Benedict’s new book Jesus of Nazareth. We want to thank PhatCatholic for sending this to us. Following the excerpt I will make an observation.

“The mystery of God’s love is expressed with particular power in the Hebrew word rahamim. Etymologically, this word means “womb,” but it was later used to mean divine compassion for man, God’s mercy. The Old Testament constantly uses the names of organs of the human body to describe basic human attitudes or inner dispositions of God, just as today we use heart or brain when referring to some aspect of our own existence. In this way the Old Testament portrays the basic attitudes of our existence, not with abstract concepts, but in the image language of the body. The womb is the most concrete expression for the intimate interrelatedness of two lives and of loving concern for the dependent, helpless creature whose whole being, body and soul, nestles in the mother’s womb. The image language of the body furnishes us, then, with a deeper understanding of God’s dispositions toward man than any conceptual language could.”

We are shown here the connection between the power of Love and the mystery of Life, between the “womb-like” Heart of God and the “heart-like” womb of Mary (and every mother). In fact, part of the beauty of this intimacy which the Pope is mentioning is that the Heart should be understood as a Life-giving spiritual core of the human person while the womb should be understood as a nurturing sanctuary of embracing Love.

Of course, only the Woman has a womb. If we reflect on ‘the Woman’, that is, the noble woman who dedicates her brain to Truth, her heart to Love and her womb to Life, then ‘the Woman’ bears witness to a hidden spiritual triune mystery: Love-Life-Truth harmonized in her person.

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That was an excellent observation of the passage from B16. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Comment by phatcatholic apologetics

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