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a sumptuous banquet according to the country fashion
September 6, 2007, 11:26 pm
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Below is a quote from St. Francis de Sales. Here he takes a quote from the beautiful Song of Songs and interprets it for us – he sees the Unborn Christ Child in this verse:

The divine lover like a shepherd, and indeed he is one, prepared a sumptuous banquet according to the country fashion for his sacred spouse, which he so described that mystically it represented all the mysteries of man’s redemption.

I am come into my garden, said he, O my sister, my spouse, I have gathered my myrrh, with aromatical spices; I have eaten the honey-comb with my honey, I have drunk my wine with my milk; eat, O friends, and drink, and be inebriated, my dearly beloved!’ (Song of Songs 5:1)

Ah! when was it, I pray you, that our Saviour came into his garden, if not when he came into his mother’s purest, humblest and sweetest womb, replenished with all the flourishing plants of holy virtues? And what is meant by our Saviour’s gathering his myrrh with his perfumes, except that he joined suffering to suffering until death, even the death of the cross, heaping by that means merit upon merit and treasures upon treasures, to enrich his spiritual children? And how did he eat his honey-comb with his honey, but when he lived a new life, reuniting his soul, more sweet than honey, to his pierced and wounded body, with more holes than a honeycomb? And when ascending into heaven he took possession of all the surroundings and dependencies of his divine glory, what other thing did he if not mix the exhilarating wine of the essential glory of his soul, with the delightful milk of the perfect felicity of his body, in a more excellent manner than hitherto he had done?

Treatise on the Love of God by St. Francis de Sales, (1567-1622)

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