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“He took a loving quiet in us”
September 11, 2007, 9:28 pm
Filed under: Quotes from Great Christians, Unborn Jesus


The following beautiful and poetic reflection about Jesus is taken from St. Francis de Sales book On the love of God.

“He took a loving quiet in us, yea even with some suspension of his senses, in his mother’s womb and in his infancy.

And he of whom it is so frequently
written: I live, saith the Lord; could afterwards have said according to His apostle’s language:

I live, now not I, but man liveth in me.
To me to live is man, and to die for man is gain.
My life is hidden with man in God.

He who dwelt in himself dwells now in us, and
He who was living from all eternity in the bosom of his Eternal Father becomes mortal in the (womb) of his temporal Mother;
He who lived eternally by his own divine life, lived with a human life,
He who from eternity had been only God,
shall be for all eternity man too:

So has the love of man ravished God, and drawn him into an ecstasy!”

When I read this I think how much Jesus identifies with all of us and how much He loves the little unborn and newborn babies. After all: “He took a loving quiet in us, yea even…in his mother’s womb.”

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