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The Pro-life movement is winning: 12 reasons
September 18, 2007, 10:51 pm
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Last spring I had the privilege of hearing Father Frank Pavone speak. Of course, for years I had heard about Father Pavone – after hearing him speak I realized that his reputation was well earned. I found him to be one of the most convincing, balanced and dynamic pro-life speakers that I had ever heard. During his presentation he mentioned another talk that he sometimes gave entitled: Twelve Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning. That really intrigued me!

I couldn’t find this 12 point list on his website so I did a google search and came up with two sources to put together this list (it may not be exactly his list but I think it is close).

The fist source I used was the Catholic Pro-life Committee and the second source was a radio show I found entitled: The Winning Side aired on March 18-19 (2006) Life on the Line Radio Program Index

Twelve Reasons the Pro-life Movement is Winning

1. A high percentage of young people are getting involved in the Pro-Life movement. (…and they realize that it could have been them!).

2. More and more women who have abortions are standing up and saying, “I regret my abortion!” (And the more abortions there are, the more women are standing up against what they have done.)

3. Researchers are coming up with more and more evidence that abortion as a supposed “benefit” to women does more harm than good.

4. Fewer and fewer doctors will perform abortions. (Ask the pro-choice doctors if they themselves will perform the abortion!).

5. In which directions are the conversions going? There is a society of former abortionists who used to use their skills to kill babies and now are seeking healing while some speak up against what they used to do. Where is the society of former Pro-Lifers who are now abortionists?

6. More people are voting pro-life than ever before. The number of people for which abortion (pro-life) is a deciding factor in voting is increasing.

7. Opinion polls are moving in the pro-life direction –no matter what age group or category you look at there is a trend that bodes well for the pro-life movement.

8. More laws have been passed on the state level to curtail abortion in the last dozen years.

9. Half of the abortion mills have closed in the past dozen years. There are now more pro-life resource centers across the country than abortion mills.

10. The U. S. Supreme court is moving in the Pro-life direction.

11. No lie can live forever – the truth always prevails. Abortion destroys itself – the more it is exposed – the more people see that it doesn’t help humanity or society.

12. Jesus has already won the battle over the kingdom of death!

Of course, Father Pavone fleshes out these points – giving statistics, evidence and examples. I would like to add that Father Pavone and his wonderful organization along with all of the other great Pro-life groups and individuals around the world are to be thanked for their great efforts on behalf of the unborn.



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I would like to just say that this world is wrong for wanting to kill children. This is not right by God’s standards. (Genesis 1:26-31)

Comment by Ashley Kitts

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