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Pro-life Quotes
September 23, 2007, 10:40 pm
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As many of you know this site is dedicated to honoring the unborn Christ Child and promoting the Gospel of Life. So sometimes when you visit our blog we will have a quote about Christ’s time in the womb or the Gospel of Life or a post about another pro-life topic – we usually try to make it positive and/or inspirational .

Since, we do a lot with quotes, I thought today I would highlight some other websites that are dedicated to pro-life quotes.

First there is another blog called:
Pro-Life Quotes

Priests for Life website has a page called:
Stories, Anecdotes, and Inspiring Quotes

Here is a place you can find Pro-life quotes from Mother Teresa:

Pro Life Quotes Archive Right to Life New Zealand

Celebrity quotes on Abortion and Life

USCCB Pro-life Activities Selected quotes from
Church documents

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I thoroughly enjoy your website and derive immense inspiration from it. May the Lord bless your work!

Thanks Father Peter, We think it’s really great that you started a blog for Holy Innocents. We enjoy your blog too and recommend it to others.

George and Michele

Comment by Father G. Peter Irving III

It is a profound belief of mine that life begins at conception, and abortion is murder. To say that a child isn’t a child until birth is preposterous. Among other things, it is proven that the child thrives in the mother’s womb. But I have one unanswered question for those misled folks. If it isn’t a human until it is born, what it is then? A fish?? A dog?? Now, I’m no biologist but I’m pretty sure that’s impossible. But please, oh great liberals, enlighten us gun oil-crazy, pistol shootin’ conservatives.

Comment by Bonnie

I just stumbled across this website looking for pro-life quotes for a “Double Talk” post I have on another website. I post both sides of controversial topics.
To answer your question Bonnie, “it” is called a fetus.

Comment by Julia (visiting liberal)

Yes Julia but the word fetus means offspring (according to The Greek and Latin Roots of English by Tamara M. Green). And the last time I looked my offspring were children (meaning in the singular each one was my child).

Here is a link to this book on google books http://books.google.com/books?id=6gknyzq0uD8C&pg=PA177&lpg=PA177&dq=fetus+latin+root&source=bl&ots=hfV0sMie4B&sig=Ykfop75fNR9dA9d3THMf6kp8He4&hl=en&ei=xVG4SpTSG5HgswPyquwa&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4#v=onepage&q=&f=false


Comment by unbornwordoftheday

The translation for fetus is also “young one”.

Comment by Clare

Abraham Lincoln said, “He who would be no slave, must consent to have no slave!” And I say,”If you woulnt consent to being aborted, then neither should you abort!”

Comment by bobby w. thomasson jr.

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