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Blessed Herman – A Poem
October 2, 2007, 10:59 pm
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Last week, we had a post about Blessed Herman (a remarkable man. who overcame daunting physical limitations to become a saint in his time). We want to thank Julian for bringing to our attention this beautiful poem written about Blessed Herman. It was found in Father Benedict J Groeschel book, Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones.


Herman The Cripple
William Hart Hurlbut, M.D.

I am least among the low,
I am weak and I am slow;
I can neither walk nor stand,
Nor hold a spoon in my own hand.

Like a body bound in chain,
I am on a rack of pain,
But He is God who made me so,
that His mercy I should know.

Brothers do not weep for me!
Christ, the Lord, has set me free.
All my sorrows he will bless;
Pain is not unhappiness.

From my window I look down
To the streets of yonder town,
Where the people come and go,
Reap the harvest that they sow.

Like a field of wheat and tares,
Some are lost in worldly cares;
There are hearts as black as coal,
There are cripples of the soul.

Brothers do not weep for me!
In his mercy I am free.
I can neither sow nor spin,
Yet, I am fed and clothed in Him.

I have been the donkey’s tail,
Slower than a slug or snail;
You my brothers have been kind,
Never let me lag behind.

I have been most rich in friends,
You have been my feet and hands;
All the good that I could do,
I have done because of you.

Oh my brothers, can’t you see?
You have been as Christ for me.
And in my need I know I, too,
Have become as Christ for you!

I have lived for forty years
In this wilderness of tears;
But these trials can’t compare
With the glory we will share.

I have had a voice to sing,
To rejoice in everything;
Now Love’s sweet eternal song
Breaks the darkness with the dawn.

Brother’s do not weep for me!
Christ, the Lord, has set me free.
Oh my friends, remember this:
Pain is not unhappiness.

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Blessed love and humility–what virtues I lack I can ask the Blessed Harman the Cripple to intercede for me to gain the grace of humility, patience, perserverence, hope, faith and blessed charity.

Thank you for bringing Blessed Herman to my aid.

Comment by Mike Rapkoch

Victor Hugo said: “Sorrow is a fruit. God doesn’t make it grow on limbs too weak to bear it.” Blessed Herman is so vital in this world to remind me of the riches I have in my physical being and call to question ‘what am I doing with it?’

Comment by John Francis

if all the World could hear such song as Blessed Herman composed,in Honor of our Lady.
May the Salve Regina be sung throughtout this Nation and everywhere, Soon.
In honor of Blessed Herman, may we pray this Birthday, for his success to Sainthood, by his many intercessions, Amen. We love and praise God, Blessed Herman, for the gift of your life given, unto the whole World- to know of one day. Sheila Eschenberg

Comment by Sheila Eschenberg

What a beautiful reflection about this marvelous man!

Comment by unbornwordoftheday

May I reproduce this poem for my blog,attributing it to yours?
Very touching poem.

Comment by armsopenwide

[…] book, Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones, by the producers of the weblog Unborn Word of the Day: https://unbornwordoftheday.com/2007/10/02/blessed-herman-a-poem/  ”Blessed Herman: (died 1054). Apparently afflicted with cleft palate, spina bifida, and […]

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