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Benenson Society Launched
October 21, 2007, 10:36 pm
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White Rose*

On September 3, we had a post School Severs Ties with Amnesty and Starts a New Group Called Benenson Society.

Last week one of our readers in a comment asked:

Todays word of the day put me in mind of why I no longer support Amnesty International. Has anyone heard anything further on the Benenson Society?

Well I am happy to say that Fr Chris Middleton, S.J. has sent an email out announcing the official launching of the Benenson Society.

Benenson Society Information Page (St. Aloysius’ College)

On this page you will find:

  • Charter of the Benenson Society
  • Withdrawal from Amnesty and Establishment of the Benenson Society
  • Register as an individual or Chapter
  • Comments and Feedback

Father Chris explains in his email:
“We are now inviting groups and individuals to affiliate, especially existing Amnesty groups in schools or universities. The aim would be to allow groups to continue to do much as they are already doing and keep their autonomy while allowing the sharing of resources through an email group list and arrangements with human rights organizations…

As of Friday schools or individuals were able to go on the St Aloysius website and register membership. Initially Aloysius and Loreto here in Sydney will sponsor the Society, but hopefully once it is up and running it might be rotated around schools. Already schools in Brisbane and Perth and individuals in England have registered.”

*The Benenson Society has as its symbol a stylized white rose. This symbol draws inspiration from the White Rose Society, a group of Catholic and Protestant students and teachers at Munich University, who opposed Nazism with letters and pamphlets, with nine paying the ultimate price of being guillotined for their stand for human rights.


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Just checked my e-mail and discovered that the Benenson society is up and running and ready to continue in the good work that Amnesty was doing until it lost sight of it’s oringinal mission. I was thrilled to register myself as an associate member and I urge all catholics to do the same. If we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem. God Bless,

Comment by Glen Lamont

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