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Jeremiah 31:22 “The LORD has created a new thing upon the earth…”
October 30, 2007, 12:11 am
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This weekend we attended the Holy Family Festival in Ojai. They had a wonderful speaker from Catholic Answers, Tim Staples, who gave two talks on “The Immaculate Conception and the Dignity of Man”. Tim Staples is a fabulous speaker and I would recommend him highly for both adults and teenagers.

At the end of the day, we were fortunate enough to get to speak with Tim and his lovely wife, Valerie. Tim brought up an interesting scripture about Mary and referenced St. Jerome’s interpretation of it. We were surprised because we weren’t aware of this passage about Mary’s pregnancy and the Unborn Christ Child.

“The LORD has created a new thing upon the earth: the woman must encompass the man with devotion.” Jeremiah 31:22

St. Jerome in his commentary on this verse understood it of Mary’s virginal conception of Christ. “The LORD has created a new thing on earth; without seed of man, without carnal union and conception, ‘a woman will encompass a man’ within her womb – One who, though He will later appear to advance in wisdom and age through the stages of infancy and childhood, yet, while confined for the usual number of months in his mother’s womb, will already be perfect man.” USCCB New American Bible Footnote 3 Point C

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yes, Lord always do new things in the earth. He do not repeat the same method, bu HE do new new new things …….for example one: Prophet Elijah’s life. God fed him through ravens, then at widow’s house then God himself came down with bread and water. Second : My own life God always is doing new methods in my life . praise the Lord

Comment by P K THOMSON

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