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Cuba’s Pro-life Hero!
November 14, 2007, 12:23 am
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We would like to highlight two men who are real heroes for the unborn: Today we will highlight Elias Biscet, tomorrow we will feature Chen Guangcheng.



On November 5, 2007 the Presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded by President George Bush to pro-life activist, Dr. Elias Biscet. Elias Biscet is a doctor in Cuba who is presently serving 22 years in prison for his ‘anti-government views’.

The well known journalist, Jeff Jacoby, in a Boston Globe editorial, A Hero in Castro’s Gulag (11/4/07), describes one of the real reasons Biscet was thrown in prison:

“A prolife Christian physician, Biscet first ran afoul of the Castro regime in the 1990s, when he investigated Cuban abortion techniques – Cuba has by far the highest abortion rates in the Western Hemisphere – and revealed that numerous infants had been killed after being delivered alive.”

LifeNews.com elaborates:

“Biscet was arrested and served three years in a prison camp after publishing an article condemning abortion. After he was released, Biscet was again arrested and is serving 22 years in prison for ‘anti-government views’.”

He has been beaten and is living in a prison cell in Combinado del Este, a prison Jacoby describes as a “hellhole”.


A replica of the solitary cell similar to the one Oscar Elias Biscet is kept in. (AFP/Getty Images via Newscom)

To learn more about Dr. Elias Biscet visit these websites:

Freedom for Dr. Biscet

Freedom for Dr. Biscet in Cuba!

Let us keep Dr. Biscet and his wife Elsa Morejon, who has also been persecuted by the Cuban government, in our prayers.

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