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December 7, 2007, 8:14 am
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Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by Jan van Eyck*

Mother St. Paul gives a wonderful summation of how God prepared His people and our world to receive the Messiah. She ends the reflection with a beautiful prayer.

“The desired of all the nations shall come” Haggai 2:7 (Douay-Rheims)

“Ever since God at the time of man’s fall had made His great promise concerning the Woman and her Seed, He that was to come had been to the nations “their desired One,” That promise had been carefully cherished, handed on from father to son till Moses came and recorded it in the book of Genesis ; and though of necessity one nation had to be selected to which the Woman and her Seed were to belong, yet the promise was given to all nations and all claimed their share in it.

The chosen nation through whom all the others were to be blessed was Abraham’s. Through him and his seed the great promise was to be fulfilled (Gen. 12:3) The time was hinted at in the patriarch Jacob’s blessing to Judah : “The sceptre shall not be taken away from Judah, nor a ruler from his thigh, till He come that is to be sent and He shall be the expectation of nations” (Gen.49:10).

The house or family which was to have the joy of realizing the promise was David’s; the place where the Woman was to bring forth her Seed was Bethlehem. Here “she that travaileth shall bring forth” and here”shall He come. . that is to be the Ruler in Israel” (Mich. 2.3). Each subsequent prophecy or promise developed and enlarged the original one given in Eden…

O King of nations, as I look back through the ages
and see the Child and His Mother so clearly set forth in promise and prophecy, in type and example, when I think of Your plans for the redemption of the world, made from all eternity and gradually unfolding as the fullness of time approached, when I think of the nations all desiring Your coming, when I think of the intense desire of Your loving Heart, there is one thing that seems to jar and to be out of harmony with the rest, and that is the lamentable want of desire in my own heart ! The time is very short now, the Child with His Mother are already on the way to Bethlehem. Oh ! Let me multiply my Acts of Desire that my little King when He comes may be indeed my “desired One” too.


Mother St. Paul, Ortus Christi

*In this beautiful painting are Jewish prophets and pagan writers all who waited for the Messiah. We also see women and men who were martyred for the faith, the Twelve Apostles as well as Popes, and Bishops and Priests – all surrounding the desire of their hearts – the Mystic Lamb, Jesus.


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