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God has modeled our beginnings on the beginnings of His Son
December 20, 2007, 10:46 pm
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God has modeled our beginnings on the beginnings of His Son; and the tiny embryo … is infinitely precious in the mind of God, for such was once His Christ in the womb of Mary….



From all eternity the pattern of development of the embryonic Christ had been chosen as the pattern of development for all the sons of men. The Spirit was the architect of the flesh of Christ and is now the architect of the biological building which has its tender foundation on the mother’s placenta….

Over the waters of the amnion hovers the Spirit of God as once He hovered over the waters of the world in the primeval dawn of its creation. The love of God, the Spirit, breathes order … overshadowing with His wings the exquisite geometry of its growth.

Whole regiments of cells are marching at the whispered command of the Spirit; cells which are unconscious of the functions they will enjoy….

So the building progresses; so the windows of the senses are built; so the pattern of the embryonic Christ is followed. For the Spirit is the architect of His own Temple….

The Father creates. The Son is the Model. The Spirit is the Architect.

…. The unborn hands are clasped by the hands of the embryonic Christ.

At term the infant will have eyes like the eyes of the infant Christ, senses like the senses of Christ; ears, nose, the same humanity, the same reflexes.



From Neuroses and Sacraments by Alan Keenan, O.F.M.
Published by Sheed & Ward, 1950


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