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“Abortion need not be an ‘answer’ in this Archdiocese”
January 14, 2008, 12:30 am
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I was born in Maryland so I have a special fondness for the state. Maryland has a unique history.

In early March 1634, the Ark and Dove (the two ships the Catholic settlers used to travel from England) reached Chesapeake Bay, bound for the Potomac River and Maryland. The Ark and Dove arrived at Maryland on March 3, 1634. On March 25, they came ashore on St. Clements Island to celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation (with a Mass). Consequently, March 25 is the ‘State Day’ holiday in Maryland. A Memorial Cross was built on St. Clements Island in 1934 dedicated to the memory of the first landing of the Maryland Colonists.


On July 12, 2007 Most Rev. Edwin Frederick O’Brien was appointed the new Archbishop of Baltimore, Maryland. Here is an inspiring excerpt from a homily he gave at his Mass of Installation on October 1, 2007.

“The right to life is the greatest civil rights issue of our time. This is the issue that will determine whether America remains a hospitable society – committed to caring for women in crisis and their unborn children, committed to caring for those with special needs, committed to caring for the elderly and the dying – or whether America betrays our heritage and the truths on which its Founders staked their claim to independence.

In addressing these issues of life over the past four decades, the Catholic bishops of the United States have not – repeat, not – made “sectarian arguments.” The bishops have made moral arguments that can be known by anyone willing to think through the first principles of justice. It is worse than a tragedy, it is a scandal, that too many of our fellow-citizens, including our Catholic fellow-citizens, seem not to have grasped these first principles of justice or have turned their backs on them.

I pledge that I shall make every possible effort to continue and intensify the defense of the right to life that has been waged by my predecessors.

And I pledge more. No one has to have an abortion. To all of those in crisis pregnancies, I pledge our support and our financial help. Come to the Catholic Church. Let us walk with you through your time of trouble. Let us help you affirm life. Let us help you find a new life with your child, or let us help you place that child in a loving home. But please, I beg you: let us help you affirm life. Abortion need not be an “answer” in this Archdiocese.”

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This is a keeper. Printing is cranking up now.
Thanks for posting this.

Comment by S. Moore

I was very impressed by Archbishop O’Brien’s comments too. If you follow the link – you will see that he highlights the March for Life and the Respect Life Ministry on the home page of his Archdiocese also.


Comment by unbornwordoftheday

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