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March for Life 2008
January 25, 2008, 4:11 am
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I got back from the March for Life late last night. It was a great experience to be in Washington D.C. with so many wonderful pro-life people.

One thing that really impressed me were all of the different groups that are fighting abortion and how many of these groups are fighting for the unborn in creative and new ways. I will be highlighting some of these organizations in the next week or so.

The March for Life is probably one of the largest protest events to take place annually yet the news media largely ignores it. I asked Nellie Gray if she knew how many people were at the March – she told me that they were trying to estimate the numbers and would put it on their website in a few days. She told me that the police no longer give an estimate because a few years ago a liberal group who had a rally on the Mall was disgruntled by the low estimate that the Police had given and really made a lot of trouble for the Police department.The result is that the Washington D.C. Police no longer give estimates for any march in Washington.

Here are some statistics from past years:

The Marchers Keep Marching
The First March 1974 20,000
March 1975 50,000
March 1976 65,000
Marches 1977-1998 Up to 100,000
The 25th March 1998 225,000
March 1999 125,000
March 2000 100,000
March 2001 225,000
March 2002 100,000
Marches 2003 – 2006 200,000

Nellie Gray also told me that her organization no longer prepares press releases after the March because the press never has given the March any coverage. In the past they sent out press packets and found it very frustrating when they were ignored.

People bus and fly into the March from locations all over the country. I met people who had been traveling by bus for 12, 15 and even 25 hours to get to the March. What an inspiration!


While us old folks just marched – the young people in the crowd added the real energy. As I walked in the march – it was the enthusiasm of these young marchers that made me smile with their chants and songs.

As a Catholic I was really impressed with the young priests, seminarians and sisters that were sprinkled throughout the crowd. Also at the beginning of the March – they read off the names of the Bishops and Cardinals that were marching – I got the impression that there were at least 15 or 20 there. I’m going to try and get a list so I can post it in the future.


At the beginning of the March there are wonderful speakers of all denominations. The March is truly an ecumenical event. President Bush addressed the crowd – I believe – from the White House. Quite a few members of Congress and the Senate got up and spoke. One Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul spoke to the crowd and Senator Sam Brownback read a message of support for the March from Presidential Candidate John McCain. We had a bit of a scare when Nellie Gray fell and had to be taken to the Emergency Room but she has recovered and is back to work doing post March wrap up.

The march then followed a route which started at the Ellipse of the National Mall and continued down Constitution Avenue. The march formally ends at the Supreme Court building. It was a truly wonderful event that I felt was a privilege to attend.

Here is a picture of what you find at the Supreme Court (which is barricaded so no one can go up the steps). A little startling – isn’t it?


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