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God is a child, the world ignores, heaven adores.
February 5, 2008, 12:44 am
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In honor of Cardinal de Bérulle who was born on February 4, 1575 we want to devote today’s post to him. He was the founder of the French School of Spirituality. The French School of Spirituality was a principle devotional influence within the Catholic Church, from the mid 17th Century through the mid 20th Century, not only in France but throughout the world.

Cardinal de Bérulle was friends with St. Vincent de Paul and St. Francis de Sales. In fact, St. Vincent de Paul was very influenced by Bérulle and once said of him,”he was one of the holiest men I have ever known”. Another saint, St. John Eudes, considered Cardinal de Bérulle to be one of his models of the spiritual life.

Cardinal Bérulle wrote extensively on the Unborn Christ Child. Here are two beautiful quotes. The first quote reflects on the Visitation when the unborn John the Baptist leaps with joy:

“God has become a child, and so he wants first to be known and adored by a child, and this is one of the first emanations of the childhood of God, manifesting himself to the universe. God is a child, the world ignores, heaven adores, and a child is the first person in the universe to recognize and adore him, and he does so by the homage and secret operation of God himself, who wants to act upon children. He wants to honor himself as child by giving the first knowledge of himself to a child in the world, making him his prophet in the universe. Thus the Infant-God is recognized and manifested, not by and angel, but by a child. So his first prophet is a child, just as shortly his first martyrs will be children.”

“There are three states of Jesus that deserve singular and daily consideration: in the womb of the Father as Son of God, God of God, consubstantial and equal with his Father; in the womb of the Virgin as Son of Man, both man and God, the Mediator of God and men; in the womb of the Church, which is his center and altar, as Lamb of God and victim of praise and propitiation, which she (the Church) presents to the Father.”

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This is a very rich meditation for pro-lifers, especially. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in the “good fight” but these facts are very comforting. Thanks for posting.

Comment by S. Moore

Yes, I found Cardinal de Bérulle quote about Christ as child very consoling too.


Comment by unbornwordoftheday

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