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February 18, 2008, 9:40 pm
Filed under: Pro-life, Unborn Jesus


Presentation in the Temple
Giotto ca. 1267 – 1337

When Mary and Joseph were leaving the Temple with their newborn baby Jesus after the rite of purification had been celebrated according to the law of Moses, they encountered a man inspired by the Holy Spirit named Simeon (Lk 2:22-35). The evangelist Luke introduces Simeon this way: “this man was righteous and devout looking for the consolation of Israel”. Thanks be to God, Simeon realized then and there that the baby Jesus was “the consolation of Israel“! Yes, and “the hope of Israel“!

Similarly, for Pro Life people, we can look at Unborn Jesus and discover tremendous reasons for hope. Unborn Jesus is “the consolation of the Pro Life Movement”! If you contemplate Unborn Jesus, you see Him in solidarity with all unborn children. Just as a beautiful prism reveals glorious reflections, so unborn children when viewed through the prism-like life of the Unborn Christ, are seen anew in their sacred dignity. The image and likeness of God is beautifully magnified within these tiny persons.

When the adult Jesus wanted to capture the attention of the fisherman by the shores of Galilee he told them to cast their nets out and they were suddenly inundated by fish to the point of their nets breaking and their boats sinking (Lk 5:4-11). Well, one way Jesus captures the attention of Pro Life people is simply by coming to us as an unborn baby Himself. And He brings consolation, encouragement and hope to all who are Pro Life, so that we can imitate the faith of Abraham: “Hoping against hope, he believed…(Rom 4:18).”

Hoping against hope, the Pro – Life Movement prays and works for Life.

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