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St. Joseph believed in his savior hidden in the womb
March 15, 2008, 1:32 am
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St. Joseph, Patron of the Unborn
(seen above holding an unborn baby)

Today, March 15 is the feast day of St. Joseph. The Statue in the above picture is found at the Shrine of St. Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer in Santa Cruz, California. When Jesus was still an unborn baby Joseph learned about His saving mission. St. Thomas Aquinas tells us that:

Mary and Joseph needed to be instructed concerning Christ’s birth before He was born, because it devolved on them to show reverence to the child conceived in the womb, and to serve Him even before He was born.” (St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P., Summa Theologica, III, Q. 36, art. 2, ad2.)

In a document on the Vatican website entitled Christ the only Saviour we are reminded that Mary and Joseph were given heavenly instruction about Christ’s mission as Saviour right before his conception and while he was in the womb. “Christ reveals himself throughout his earthly life as the Saviour sent by the Father for the salvation of the world. His very name, “Jesus”, expresses this mission. It actually means: “God saves”. It is a name he was given as a result of heavenly instruction: both Mary and Joseph (Lk 1:31; Mt 1:21) receive the order to call him by this name. In the message to Joseph the meaning of the name is explained: ‘for he will save his people from their sins’.”

Mary and Joseph believed in the words of angels and they acted in accordance with this belief. Again St. Thomas explains: “But His first coming was unto the salvation of all, which is by faith that is of things not seen. And therefore it was fitting that His first coming(in the womb) should be hidden.” (St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P., Summa Theologica, III, Q. 36, art. 1, ad 3)

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