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Abortion mill: this is our Calvary, where Christ is being crucified today in our midst
March 18, 2008, 10:05 pm
Filed under: Prayer, Pro-life


One of our readers who gathers each Saturday with a large group in front of an abortion mill sent us this prayer. They obtained this prayer from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. I was very moved by this prayer and thought that it was a very appropriate prayer for Holy Week. I thank God for all those who pray outside abortion mills and are a presence of love for these little ones.


Heavenly Father, we are gathered here to spend some time with the little babies before they die. It is important that we be here. It is a way to redeem the abandonment of Jesus by His apostles when they refused to be with Him at His death. We do not fear the Cross.

These little ones dying today are intricately connected with the sufferings and death of Our Savior. There is a bond here that must not be overlooked. All the political action, educating, donation of funds, demonstrations, alternative work, important and necessary as these are, do not make up for an absence at the death scene. Thus, our presence at this killing center is where You, God, want us to be. With our rosaries and our prayers, this is our Calvary, where Christ is being crucified today in our midst.

We may not be able to save their lives, but we plead on their behalf. And should they die, as usually happens (God forgive us!), let us lift up our hearts to You on their behalf … it will be the only human love they will know on this earth… Amen

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