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Abortion mill: this is our Calvary, where Christ is being crucified today in our midst
March 18, 2008, 10:05 pm
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One of our readers who gathers each Saturday with a large group in front of an abortion mill sent us this prayer. They obtained this prayer from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. I was very moved by this prayer and thought that it was a very appropriate prayer for Holy Week. I thank God for all those who pray outside abortion mills and are a presence of love for these little ones.


Heavenly Father, we are gathered here to spend some time with the little babies before they die. It is important that we be here. It is a way to redeem the abandonment of Jesus by His apostles when they refused to be with Him at His death. We do not fear the Cross.

These little ones dying today are intricately connected with the sufferings and death of Our Savior. There is a bond here that must not be overlooked. All the political action, educating, donation of funds, demonstrations, alternative work, important and necessary as these are, do not make up for an absence at the death scene. Thus, our presence at this killing center is where You, God, want us to be. With our rosaries and our prayers, this is our Calvary, where Christ is being crucified today in our midst.

We may not be able to save their lives, but we plead on their behalf. And should they die, as usually happens (God forgive us!), let us lift up our hearts to You on their behalf … it will be the only human love they will know on this earth… Amen

Bethlehem points to Calvary – Advent leads to lent
March 16, 2008, 8:50 pm
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In this painting by William Holman Hunt – The Triumph of the Innocents – The Innocents are seen with the Holy Family, in spirit, during the Family’s Flight to Egypt.


Hidden Legacy of Bethlehem

O Mary, obedient unto Christ’s birth
You carried the Savior to His manger
So that He might carry our sins to His cross.

O Joseph, chosen for a sacred duty
You adopted the Son of God here on earth
So that He might adopt us for His heavenly kingdom.

O Holy Innocents, martyrs all in suffering
You each did die instead of Christ,
So that He might die for my sins instead of me.

O Saints and heroes of Bethlehem
You opened the doors of your hearts to Him
Your actions foretelling the depth of His loving.

George A. Peate



St. Joseph believed in his savior hidden in the womb
March 15, 2008, 1:32 am
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St. Joseph, Patron of the Unborn
(seen above holding an unborn baby)

Today, March 15 is the feast day of St. Joseph. The Statue in the above picture is found at the Shrine of St. Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer in Santa Cruz, California. When Jesus was still an unborn baby Joseph learned about His saving mission. St. Thomas Aquinas tells us that:

Mary and Joseph needed to be instructed concerning Christ’s birth before He was born, because it devolved on them to show reverence to the child conceived in the womb, and to serve Him even before He was born.” (St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P., Summa Theologica, III, Q. 36, art. 2, ad2.)

In a document on the Vatican website entitled Christ the only Saviour we are reminded that Mary and Joseph were given heavenly instruction about Christ’s mission as Saviour right before his conception and while he was in the womb. “Christ reveals himself throughout his earthly life as the Saviour sent by the Father for the salvation of the world. His very name, “Jesus”, expresses this mission. It actually means: “God saves”. It is a name he was given as a result of heavenly instruction: both Mary and Joseph (Lk 1:31; Mt 1:21) receive the order to call him by this name. In the message to Joseph the meaning of the name is explained: ‘for he will save his people from their sins’.”

Mary and Joseph believed in the words of angels and they acted in accordance with this belief. Again St. Thomas explains: “But His first coming was unto the salvation of all, which is by faith that is of things not seen. And therefore it was fitting that His first coming(in the womb) should be hidden.” (St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P., Summa Theologica, III, Q. 36, art. 1, ad 3)

March For Life Los Angeles – March 15, 2008
March 14, 2008, 10:37 am
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The 5th annual Los Angeles March for Life will be held on Saturday, March 15th from 8 am – 11:30 am at St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church located at 4601 Firmament Avenue Encino, CA 91436.

The Los Angeles March for Life is sponsored by Knights of Columbus

Umbert the Unborn has his own website
March 12, 2008, 9:46 pm
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Many of you may have seen the cartoon Umbert the Unborn. Well, Umbert or rather his creator Gary Cangemi has a great website or as he calls it an Umbert the Unborn Wombsite. It is a fun website to visit and even has an Umbert the Unborn Kids Page with 5 different activities and a future contest in the works.

Gary Cangemi is a great and humble guy who came up with a wonderful and positive way to spread the Pro-life message. He even has his first book which is a collection of Umbert Cartoons. I have a copy of the book and really enjoyed it. Click on the icon below to learn more about the book.


March 11, 2008, 12:12 am
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Let’s connect some Lenten dots by way of scriptural reflection and trace a sinister sequence of attempts to kill the Son of God, the Word of God – a connecting of black dots, each meant to end the sentence of the Word’s life on earth! Some spontaneous, others devilishly devised.

  • First, and probably the most vicious of all – the crucifixion excepted – is Herod’s concerted effort to destroy the tiny newborn baby Jesus! We are all familiar with the story. The angel of the Lord warned Joseph: “…flee to Egypt …for Herod is about to search for the child to destroy Him” (Mt 2:13). Herod’s plans reach a rancid fruition just after Joseph flees by night with Mary and the newborn Jesus. Herod is “in a furious rage” and ordered the killing of “all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under” (Mt 2:16). These were the “Holy Innocents” killed in the very place of Jesus, because Herod suspected that each one of them might be the newborn King of the Jews. Each of these babies is an innocent martyr – a baby alter Christi. And there was mourning, the first attempt upon His life.

We know now that Herod helped inspire the paranoid “Planned Parenthood” mentality so common today, and that if he had had the opportunity to have Unborn Jesus aborted he would have done so instantly! Unborn Jesus, like any “unwanted” unborn baby, represents a threat to the status quo.

  • We now fast forward about thirty years to the outset of our Lord’s public ministry. After Jesus was baptized by John, the Holy Spirit led Him out into the wilderness where He fasted for forty days. At the end of this period, the devil came to Him and tempted Jesus three times. The third deceitful temptation was a direct attempt upon the life of Jesus by the devil. They were on the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem and the devil challenged Jesus: “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here…” (Lk 4:9-12). Christ does not succumb and the devil leaves Him, but Luke observes “he departed from Him until an opportune time”. The second attempt upon His life.
  • A little later Jesus returned to His hometown of Nazareth and went to the synagogue on the sabbath. He read a messianic prophesy from Isaiah and then explained that the text was being fulfilled in their midst. As he continued to speak the crowd became disenchanted: “…all in the synagogue were filled with wrath. And they rose up and put Him out of the city, and led Him to the brow of the hill on which their city was built, that they might throw Him down headlong. But passing threw the midst of them He went away” (Lk 4:28-30). The third attempt upon His life.
  • One day, during the third year of His public ministry, Jesus was in the Temple in Jerusalem teaching, when things grew controversial. Surprisingly, He got into a debate with “the Jews who had believed in Him” (Jn 8:31). Finally, Jesus says to them: “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.” What did the Jews “who had believed in Him” do (along with others who didn’t believe in Him)? “So they took up stones to throw at Him; but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple” (Jn 8:57-59). The fourth attempt upon His life.
  • Finally, it was wintertime, the feast of the Dedication and Jesus was in the Temple in Jerusalem at a spot called the portico of Solomon (Jn 10:22-23). He is challenged by the people and He gives a short answer, ending with: “I and the Father are one”. We read: “The Jews took up stones again to stone Him” (Jn 10:31, also 11:7-8), He speaks again, then they try to arrest Him but He “escaped from their hands” (10:39). The fifth attempt upon His life.
  • We are all familiar with the sixth and final attempt upon our Lord’s life; His bloody Passion and crucifixion atop Golgotha! Jesus was targeted from infancy through adulthood. From the devil to His own countrymen, from political leaders to religious leaders, His innocence and authoritative teaching was difficult for sinners to bear. So too today, the innocence of the unborn baby and the “word” each would speak, is attacked by a self-absorbed hypocritical world that falsely champions human rights while daily plotting the deaths of the weakest among us.


Jesus: Suffering servant in the womb
March 8, 2008, 2:40 am
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I recognize that not everyone will like this picture and I myself used it with some hesitancy. But it highlights a theme that quite a few saints and spiritual authors have written about which actually seems very relevant in our time (because of abortion), namely that Christ’s time in the womb was a time of suffering for our sins. Here are four quotes for our Lenten meditation:

Salvation to all that will is nigh;
That All, which always is all everywhere,
Which cannot sin, and yet all sins must bear,
Which cannot die, yet cannot choose but die,
Lo, faithful virgin, yields Himself to lie
In prison, in thy womb… John Donne, The Annunciation

“The third characteristic then of the obedience of Christ is that it was tried by suffering and humiliations. To accomplish the Will of His heavenly Father, the Infant Christ, with the full use of every faculty, consented to be enclosed for nine months in the dark prison of His Mother’s womb. Other infants feel not this privation as they have not the use of reason, but Christ had the use of reason and must have dreaded the confinement in the narrow womb, even of her whom He had chosen to be His Mother.

Through obedience to His Father, and from the love He bore to man, He overcame this dread, and the Church says: ‘When Thou didst take upon Thee to deliver Man, Thou didst not abhor the Virgin’s womb.’ Again, our dear Lord needed no small amount of patience and humility, to assume the manners and the weaknesses of a child, when He was not only wiser than Solomon, but was the Man ‘in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.’ ” St. Robert Bellarmine, The Seven Words on the Cross

“Consider the painful life that Jesus Christ led in the womb of his Mother, and the long‑confined and dark imprisonment that he suffered there for nine months. Other infants are indeed in the same state; but they do not feel the miseries of it, because they do not know them. But Jesus knew them well, because from the first moment of his life he had the perfect use of reason….The womb of Mary was therefore, to our Redeemer a voluntary prison, because it was a prison of love. But it was also not an unjust prison: he was indeed innocent himself, but he had offered himself to pay our debts and to satisfy for our crimes. It was therefore only reasonable for the divine justice to keep him thus imprisoned, and so begin to exact from him the due satisfaction.

Behold the state to which the Son of God reduces himself for the love of men, he deprives himself of his liberty and puts himself in chains, to deliver us from the chains of hell.” St. Alphonsus de Liguori,The Incarnation, Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ

“He was filled with compassion for all the miseries of creation, and this never left Him henceforward; and most of all did He feel for sin, the greatest and the truest of our miseries, and He distinctly and separately pitied the sins of each one of us in particular.

He surrendered Himself as a prisoner in His Mother s womb, for crime, for debt, and as a prisoner of war, as if He were a delinquent threefold by all those three liabilities. He only left His prison to suffer and to expiate, and it seems as though He loved it so, that He repeats His state of imprisonment in the Blessed Sacrament.” Father Faber, The Blessed Sacrament

When I think of Christ suffering in the womb for our sins it gives me great hope. Hope that He has obtained for us a special grace during His time of suffering in the womb – a grace that will enable us to overcome abortion in our time.