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April 27, 2008, 11:18 pm
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Ben Stein in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Ben Stein vs. Big Science! Ben’s new movie “Expelled” is worth going to see. First of all, he presents a serious subject with a lot of humor which makes it quite enjoyable. But more importantly, Ben is trying to promote a culture of life from an unusual perspective.

It is a thought provoking movie aimed at generally promoting “freedom of thought” and specifically within the scientific community. Many influential scientists promote their own aggressive agendas based on “freedom of choice” but are opposed to “freedom of thought”. Watch to see how Ben links the culture of death mentality with narrow-minded Darwinism and a culture of life approach with openness to Intelligent Design theory.*

I first saw Ben Stein speak at a Pro – Life conference around 1986 when I was the Education Director for the Right to Life League of Southern California. He was our featured speaker and did a great job. I just saw his new movie – which begins with him giving a speech to a crowd – and it brought back fond memories. Ben entertains while he educates, inspires while he informs – what a concept!

*Others have made this same connection between the Culture of Death mentality and Darwin. For a readable scholarly look at the bigger picture see Architects Of The Culture Of Death by my former Philosophy professor, Donald DeMarco and his co-author Benjamin Wiker. In this book they have exposed its roots by introducing its “architects.” In a scholarly, yet reader-friendly delineation of the mindsets of twenty-three influential thinkers, such as Ayn Rand, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alfred Kinsey, Margaret Sanger, Jack Kevorkian, and Peter Singer, they make clear the aberrant thought and malevolent intentions that have shaped the Culture of Death.

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