UNBORN WORD of the day

May 4, 2008, 10:15 pm
Filed under: Prayer, Pro-life, Unborn Jesus

Hands of Elizabeth welcomes the yet unborn Jesus (IHS) into her home
Stained glass window from
St. Edmunds College Canberra

How does God receive one’s intimate Christian prayer? If one prays simply: “Jesus I adore You”, how does the Lord view such a prayer? Or if one prays: “Jesus please protect the unborn children in my community who are at risk today”, what does the Lord do with such a simple prayer?

Doesn’t the Lord appreciate simplicity and heartfelt intimacy such as this?

And what if we whisper an intimate prayer to the Lord that He doesn’t hear from others, that is somewhat unusual, yet sincere and heartfelt, what does He do with such a prayer?

For example: “Unborn Jesus I adore You!” Or “Unborn Jesus please have pity upon the unborn children in my community who are at risk today”.

Is it possible that a prayer that is so different in its simplicity and intimacy could be perceived by God as something like a rare flower? Might it be that God especially cherishes one’s unique heartfelt expression of one’s love of Him or one’s petition to Him?

Let’s find out!

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