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July 9, 2008, 10:23 pm
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My husband George was born and raised in Canada. I lived there for 10 years. We were both involved in the pro-life movement in Canada until we moved to the United States in 1982. We watched on as Henry Morgentaler systematically defied the law of Canada and opened illegal abortion clinics. Morgantaler actively went all over Canada promoting abortion.

Upon hearing that the Order of Canada had been awarded to Henry Morgantaler, my husband wrote this open letter to the Governor General of Canada.


Dear Michaelle Jean Governor General of Canada,

I was born and raised in Canada, primarily in the Montreal region. I also lived in Fredericton and Kingston for short periods of time and in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo for a few years. While I moved away from Canada in 1982, I had always been proud of my homeland – until today!

Recently I learned that Canada’s highest award The Order of Canada was given on July 1st 2008 to the greatest killer of Canadians in the history of the country; mass abortionist Henry Morgentaler, a man who has probably killed more babies than anyone else in North America. Abortion is his one and only “claim to fame” and the spilled blood of babies his lasting legacy! He has been made a falsified hero by corrupt government leaders such as yourself who pretend to value the human spirit but instead value a counterfeit spirit of immorality in the guise of extreme tolerance. You see tolerance towards the killing of babies as a virtue when it is, in true fact, a blatant sign of moral decay. Is this how you absolve your own conscience?

O Canada…my heart weeps for thee today. You have taken Canada‘s infamous baby-killer and made of him a little angel. You waved a wand of honorability over him and now cherub-like he offers you what – a now sanctimonious slaughter! You have taken Canada’s highest award and made it the lowest.

Thank God for the sane former honorees from years gone by who are now in utter disgust returning their once-precious, now-meaningless Order of Canada awards to the Governor General’s chamber of horrors. They are heroic in virtue because they stand for something truly honorable – their devotedness to God and human life.

Dear Governor General you have made a sham of all past and future awards in one foul swoop of your hand and unfortunately you have now made a complete mockery of your office. When I lived in Canada we all looked up to our Governor General. Now millions of Canadians and millions of others around the world are embarrassed by you and your empty office. You should offer your resignation today along with the discredited Order of Canada selection committee! Millions of dead Canadian babies wish you would.

God save Canada!

George A. Peate

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Spectacular post! I linked to it at Catholic Fire. I share your pain and outrage. I am continuing to pray for an end to abortion in Canada and throughout the world. I was born in the U.S. but my ancestors were from Montreal and I am sure they must be shocked at what’s happening in their homeland today.

Comment by Jean

Thanks Jean!
George was overwhelmed with sorrow when he heard about this award. We both watched this man for years – George actually went and prayed in front of one of his clinics 30 years ago. A priest I knew debated him on the radio. It was quite a shock to see Canada honoring him

Comment by unbornwordoftheday

Thank you! Excellent letter to the Governor General. I agree we should call for Henry Morgentaler’s Order to be revoked, for past recipients to return their Orders and for the Governor General to resign in disgrace.

More importantly though, I think we should be demanding that Parliament finally do something and stop (or at least prohibit) the unlimited criminal destruction of human beings through abortion violence in Canada. The real moral problem here is not Henry Morgentaler receiveing an award, as bad as that is. The real problem is that this evil destruction of human beings is allowed to continue.


Comment by Joe

Great point Joe! George and I wholeheartedly agree with you.


Comment by unbornwordoftheday

Astounding to see her as a guest at the 49th International Eucharistic Congress where I was a pilgrim and then only a few weeks later see her total dis-order. I am proud of the land of my birth. I am ashamed of the so called leadership within her.

Yesterday I received a letter from my MP, Joe Comartin NDP. In it he was very worked up about a law his party is trying to pass to protect domestic and wild animals. Meanwhile, no matter how much we constituents write or call this fellow Catholic will he yield in his dissent from the Church as he affirms abortion, same sex “marriage” and euthanasia.

Please to have found your blog.


Comment by Owen

Thanks for the information! When I lived in Town of Mount Royal in Montreal every election season Pierre Trudeau showed up with his family for Mass. It really was kind of sad since he first introduced abortion into Canada. I really believe these so-called Catholic politicians are ex Catholics who keep up the sham so that they can get votes.

As you probably know the U.S. has its own problems with these ‘Catholic politicians’.


Comment by unbornwordoftheday

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