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“But in the end, it is the childlike spirit that is stronger than all the powers of hell”
July 11, 2008, 10:46 pm
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Madonna House is a beautiful and faithful Catholic community in Canada. This community recently returned the Order of Canada medal given to their foundress Catherine Doherty in 1976 to protest the medal being given to abortionist Henry Morgentaler.

“But in the end, it is the childlike spirit that is stronger than all the powers of hell, and Our Lady is the most childlike of us all.” From the “The Most Childlike of Us All” by Father David May.

Why are these words newsworthy? Well, just this week, Father May – Director General of Priests at Madonna House – returned the Order of Canada awarded to their foundress, Catherine Doherty.

From an article in City News we learn the reason for this protest.

“Susanne Stubbs, one of three directors of the House, says Doherty died in 1985 but wrote a letter to staff stating the medal belonged to all of them. ‘The motto on the medal is in Latin and it means, “For the good of the homeland,” Stubbs said Tuesday in Ottawa. ‘We do not believe that Dr. Morgentaler’s life work of promoting abortion is good for Canada.’ Madonna House’s Father David May seconded Stubbs’ sentiments. ‘(We’re returning the medal) as a gesture of our distress over the recent decision to award the Order of Canada to Dr. Morgentaler.'”

Madonna House is a wonderful Catholic Community in Ontario. George and I both were fortunate enough to visit Madonna House when we were in College.

On their website they describe their apostolate:

“The Madonna House Apostolate is a family of Christian lay men, women, and priests, striving to incarnate the teachings of Jesus Christ by forming a community of love….They have in common a desire to serve God in a very humble way of life, as summarized in our Little Mandate. Our spirit is that of a family – modeled on the holy family of Nazareth, which was a community of perfect charity and love.”

That pretty well describes what I encountered when I visited. It is truly a remarkable community. They welcome guests – when you visit you get to live their life with them…work, prayer, joy. One of the little things I remember about Madonna House was the joyful laughter at the dinner table.

In the article “The Most Childlike of Us All” quoted above Father May reflects on the Gospel of Life and speaks about the reality of abortion:

“There is a holy sorrow that refuses to look the other way or to ignore the plight of God’s innocent ones…The world today needs people who mourn at its fate, whose tears of prayer will wash away some of the accumulated debris in so many souls….Of course, there is the question of: what can be done? There are people on the front lines of the medical world, the political world, education, the pro-life movement in its various forms.”

But he also reminds us:

“Today the battle for Life must take many forms. I have come to understand that the Madonna House way of life itself is one of the means God is using to restore people’s minds and hearts to the truth of their infinite dignity. This restoration will only happen where there is community, ‘family,’ because the wounded and broken heart and mind can only be restored in such a context. It is the way we are made, and the breakdown of family life today is the main reason that so many place so little value on their own lives or the lives of others.”

In another article entitled “Becoming Small Enough to Think Big” Father May ends with these words:

“Are you wearied enough of your own ideas to listen anew this year to the great thoughts God has about your future and the future of our world? Are you tired out enough by the futility of your own efforts to “make things better” to turn to God like a little child, the smallest of little children, and to lean on him at last, moment by moment by moment?”

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