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The Catholic priest who killed the soul of the Democratic Party
August 28, 2008, 1:18 am
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Two Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, who claim to be Catholics, yet support abortion ‘rights’ have been in the news this week. Many are asking themselves how did we get into a situation like this where two Catholics with such prominent roles in public life could so vocally and publicly promote abortion.

Let me start with a personal story. In 1974, when I was 23 years old my uncle from Louisiana came to visit our family. It just so happened that, at the time, my uncle was a Supreme Court Judge in Louisiana. (He was later elevated to the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.) One evening when my uncle and I were talking he shocked me when he told me that he agreed with Roe v. Wade, the abortion decision that had been handed down the year before by the U. S. Supreme Court. “How can you be Catholic and support abortion?” I asked incredulously.

He began to speak to me about a priest who he admired. The priest was Jesuit Father Robert Drinan, who had been elected to Congress a few years before the Roe v. Wade decision. (Father Drinan served 5 terms in Congress, 1971 – 1981.) It turned out that Father Robert Drinan supported abortion and was one of the originators of the slogan, “I am personally opposed to abortion but … I can’t impose my morality on a secular society.” My uncle basically told me that if a Catholic priest could support Roe v. Wade why couldn’t he. My uncle also mentioned his admiration for the liberal Jesuit magazine, America. At one point he chided me for being a ‘William Buckley Catholic’. At 23, I was obviously no match for my 54 year old Supreme Court Justice uncle, but I valiantly tried to stick up for the Church’s position against abortion.

In the years that followed I could see the sinister influence Drinan had on numerous leading Catholic Democrats, many of whom, changed from a pro-life position to a pro-abortion position. When the people of Massachusetts elected Drinan to serve 5 terms in Congress they were sending the slyest of foxes into the hen house of Congress. He gained instant prestige as a priest/politician deceiving many because of his position in the Church.

Drinan was one of the chief architects of the culture of death in the United States of America. In a future post we will talk about his 1964 meeting with the Kennedys in Hyannis Port to develop a phony ‘Catholic’ rationale that would mislead Catholics into supporting abortion.

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Thank you for this disturbing, frightening and sobering post. Now we know that there are definitely “wolves in sheep’s clothing” inside our Church. I knew it, but now, HOW well I know it! As Our Lady warns us, we must pray, pray, pray. The ROSARY is the weapon. Lord have mercy!

Comment by Susie

My goodness this is terrible! But why was this Priest not excommunicated? The Catholic Church needs to ACT against these wolves in sheep clothing. It really does.

Excellent thought provoking piece:).

God bless you


Comment by marie

[…] The Catholic priest who killed the soul of the Democratic Party […]

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