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September 17, 2008, 8:28 pm
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We get a quarterly newsletter from Shield of Roses, Our Lady of Refuge Chapter. Geri Urrutia, someone we have known a long time, along with all of the other members of this chapter of Shield of Roses, has been working for over 20 years on the front lines defending the unborn and helping moms.

They do very effective sidewalk counseling in Glendale, (California) and save many babies and help their families. Their quarterly newsletter is filled with photos of the beautiful babies they have saved, and with moving stories of these babies’ moms and dads. These parents are truly grateful for the help that Shield of Roses has given them.

We found one of the recent stories especially moving because it shows vividly how not just the babies lives are saved but that the lives of the families are also saved by this decision not to kill their baby. I think this story illustrates the wonderful work that all sidewalk counselors and pregnancy crisis centers do around this country. Here it is as taken from their Spring, 2008 newsletter.


“Geri, you saved four people the day you spoke to me about my baby”

Mom called me because her baby was now eight and had just received her first Holy Communion. Mom related to me that if she had had the abortion, she would have had to divorce her husband because he was pressuring her to abort this child who was pronounced to have severe handicaps. It wasn’t fair, he said, to bring a handicapped baby into the world when they already had a small child for whom to care. She would forever look at her husband in the future and know he was the cause of her abortion, and she would always feel grief for her lost child.

We saved her born child because we saved that child from being shuttled between two divorced parents. We saved Mom because she said she would have never been able to stand the pain of aborting her child, and of course we saved her baby. The baby was born without any fetal abnormalities that the doctors proclaimed.

Mom’s extended family also encouraged aborting the little girl, and now they are so very happy that Mom stood her ground, fought for her child, and carried her baby to term.

Here is a link to another mom who credits Shield of Roses in Glendale for saving her baby. A MOTHER’S CHOICE (1988) by Michele Henderson

To get involved with this group or to make a tax-deductible donation:

Shield of Roses
Our Lady of Refuge Chapter
P.O. Box 9053
Glendale CA 91226
phone: 818-242-3912

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