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October 4, 2008, 10:52 am
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UNBORNWORDoftheday and our sponsoring organization UNBORN WORD ALLIANCE invite you to join us in 70 DAYS OF PRO-LIFE PRAYER for the U.S. Elections on Tuesday November 4, 2008. We offer our prayer to God for the election of pro-life politicians in all races, at all levels and in all states (and territories).

We take our inspiration from a most humble nun of the middle ages, St. Juliana of Cornillon (1193-1258) who was the original promoter of the Corpus Christi feast day and had a fascinating devotion to honor the Son of God within the womb of His mother Mary. St. Juliana said the “Magnificat” (Lk 1:46-55) nine times a day to honor “the nine months for which the singular Virgin bore the author of our salvation, the only-begotten Son of God, in her womb” (Acta Sanctorum, April, vol. i).

We begin our 70 DAYS OF PRO-LIFE PRAYER today, October 4, 2008, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, whose devotion to the infant Christ child led him to re-create the first Nativity Scene (also in the middle ages). We encourage those who join us to pray Mary’s Magnificat (Lk 1:46-55) every day. Mary was pregnant with the Unborn Christ Child when she prayed & proclaimed the Magnificat! We will end our 70 DAYS OF PRO-LIFE PRAYER on December 12, 2008, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. (Those days following the Election will be days of “thanksgiving”.) The Virgin of Guadalupe was pregnant with the Unborn Christ Child when she appeared to the peasant St. Juan Diego in 1531.

If you are able to match the contemplative St. Juliana in saying the Magnificat 9 times each day; bravo! But perhaps a more modest 3 times a day, in honor of the three trimesters during which Mary carried Unborn Jesus in her womb, would be more realistic for many. And yet, without a doubt, God would be greatly pleased even if you are only able to say just one Magnificat each day in honor of each day that Unborn Jesus spent in the womb of His mother.

The opening words of Mary’s Magnificat are Psalm-like: “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior…” Indeed, she had the Unborn Christ Child within her and no doubt she did “reflect” the goodness of God in her thoughts, words and deeds, much as the moon beautifully reflects the bright shining rays of the magnificent Sun.

In his book The Feast of Faith, then Cardinal Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) made this simple observation about prayer: “How can I learn to pray? By praying in fellowship…I learn to pray by praying with others, with my mother for instance, by following her words which are gradually filled out with meaning for me as I speak, live and suffer in fellowship with her.” During this 70 DAYS OF PRO-LIFE PRAYER, we can learn from the mother of the Unborn Christ Child, and our Mother in the faith, by repeating her words of praise and proclamation in the Magnificat. Words she uttered as the Unborn Word of God rested within her womb.


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Prayer is wonderful but what else is being done to get McCain-Palin elected? We are going to feel it when Supreme Court Justices are nominated.

Comment by Grace D'Agostino

Yes, prayer and action is needed. Very good point! I know I have given money and have a yard sign. I also think we have to be willing to speak to people about the election and even volunteer if we have time.


Comment by unbornwordoftheday

[…] the election we encouraged those who read this blog to pray the Magnificat 9 times a day for the election in honor of the nine months that Jesus spent in Mary’s womb. This was a […]

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