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Sarah Palin: Her three secret weapons
October 6, 2008, 12:09 am
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PRAYER: Here is Sarah Palin’s final preparation right before going out to  debate Senator Joe Biden.

LOVE FOR CHILDREN: On the way to the debate – what a beautiful picture of  Sarah with Trig.

WOMEN: Yesterday at a rally in Carson California Sarah Palin was endorsed by Shelley Mandel who is the President of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW. Shelley Mandel did not speak on behalf of NOW but spoke for herself. Click here to see the endorsement in which Ms. Mandel said:

“America This is What a Feminist Looks Like”

In mid September Lynn Forester De Rothschild, former Hillary Clinton supporter and fundraiser, who was also on the Democratic Platform committee, endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin. Click here to see her interviewed by Wolf Blitzer.

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Wake Up!

When will anti-abortion activists realize that the commitment to the unborn goes beyond simply preventing abortion. What about the care of the womb in which that unborn resides? So quickly there is the support for Republican candidates who claim to be pro-life, yet they are the same ones who vote down legislation intended to offer welfare to the mother (and family), the health care needed during pregnancy for a healthy child, and the option of adoption after birth. On all those issues, Republicans in general and Sarah Palin in particiular oppose government help.

I am anti-abortion, but refuse to cede my vote to a candidate who only supports one of the half dozen pro-life stands of the US bishops.

Before running to support Ms. Palin so quickly find out her position on the dealth penalty, the just war theory, welfare, universal healthcare, fair wages for work given, and the right to unionize.

All of these pro-life issues are part of the entire pro-life position of the U.S. Bishops. If Republicans were as interested in lives after conception as they are with lives before, there would be less poverty and misery in this country.

Comment by Christopher Wood

To Christopher Wood,
Abortion kills a lot more persons than the Iraq war, the death penalty and all of the other issues combined. I am a one issue voter – and it is my hope that during the time of slavery I would have been a one issue voter and that during the time when Jews were being slaughtered in Germany that I would have been a one issue voter.

This is that overarching issue that compares to those issues. In fact those issues were so important that wars were fought over them – so I don’t think that my commitment to the unborn is at all unusual or disproportionate. In fact, I think women and men who say that they are against abortion and vote for a candidate that wants to expand abortion (Freedom of Choice Act) which would in fact, completely undermine every pro-life gain for the last thirty years are fooling themselves. If their candidate has such little regard for life (he even doesn’t think that a baby who is born alive after a botched abortion should be given medical treatment)they may wake up after he is elected to find out just how little regard he has for other basic human rights.

Comment by unbornwordoftheday

Republicans, typically, hold that welfare is to be used in scarce circumstances. Government aide is not something that should be frivolously passed out. It is intended for special-needs cases. Special-needs does not mean parents who are too lazy to work a job or two. Help is provided to those that help themselves first.
What pro-life candidates are fighting for are those who are not able to help themselves, namely, the unborn. Yes, those issues you mentioned from the USCCB are important but I guarantee you that the issue of abortion takes top priority. Also, a correct understanding of the issues is important. Did you read that the Bishops talk about these things or did you see what they had to say about them? Did you read what the Vatican says about them? Much research is needed to cast a well-informed vote.
Let us end abortion first and then work on the other issues.

Comment by mcintyre

[…] Some words about “Sarah” This post’s information is courtesy of the blog “Unborn Word of the Day” at https://unbornwordoftheday.com/2008/10/06/sarah-palin-her-three-secret-weapons/. […]

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