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One vote but a multitude of prayers – vote for a culture of life!
November 3, 2008, 12:37 pm
Filed under: Prayer, Pro-life

I feel sorry for those who are unaware of the power of prayer! Every citizen has but one vote. Does he or she cast it prayerfully? Your vote should be like a spark en kindled by prayer striking conscience. Don’t waste your one solitary vote – vote your faith. Vote for the Culture of Life!

Your vote is like an angel’s arrow aimed at the heart of the body politic, not to kill it but to enliven it, to thrill it with a passion for justice, to ignite a firestorm of compassion for those in need and enkindle the social conscience, especially for the unborn.

But to vote well you must pray. Prayer is like a strong wind perfectly calibrated to deliver your vote to its proper place in the plan of God.

Your vote can be like a Word to enlighten others who are listening.

Your vote can be like an outstretched hand extended to those who need to be lifted up.

Your vote can be like a bandage which can be applied to those most bloodied.

Your prayerful vote is important. Send forth your prayers – ten thousand strong if you will – to deliver your one vote to society’s heart.

Today your Vote is Unborn – nurture it with prayer, deliver it on Election Day with conviction! Vote for the highest common good. Vote for a Culture of Life!

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“Today your vote is unborn”…Very cleverly written. Yes the defense of life is the most important issue in this election. Let us pray for the unborn, an indeed for the protection of human life from conception to natural death.



Comment by canadiancatholicblog

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