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Prop 8 passage: Another ray of light ‘midst the dark night of our political landscape
November 7, 2008, 9:53 pm
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Proposition 8 states that “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California.”

This election has taught me a powerful lesson. I live in California and I know first hand why Proposition 8 passed in one of the most liberal states in the union. How did they get this to pass in a state that is overwhelmingly liberal? Great organization, good ground game and hard work. The people at ProtectMarriage.com were ahead of the game. I had received a packet to collect signatures to put this proposition on the ballot a few weeks before the Supreme Court overturned marriage in California.

These people saw this coming and they were prepared. They had been watching the court case and saw where it was going. Once it was on the ballot the Knights of Columbus and the Mormon Church got into the fray right away along with many Christian and Catholic churches. In my town, not only did my Catholic Church push ‘Yes on 8’ but we had signs for everyone to put in their yards. Also extra signs to put them back in their yards when they were torn down. (Which happened frequently.)

A lot of people got involved in a phone bank (myself included and believe me I went way out of my comfort zone to do this) and I wouldn’t be surprised if most people on the voter list in my area got a phone call about ‘Yes on 8’. As the election approached people in my town often stood in groups on the street corners waving ‘Yes on 8’ signs. And on the day before the election many street corners were manned by 25 or more people waving Yes on 8 signs. The ‘Yes on 8’ also had a bus tour which had rallies all through California. I attended one that was in a town close to my own. I don’t know what it was like in the rest of California but I suspect something similar happened elsewhere.

‘Yes on 8’ passed and it taught me a lesson too. Next Presidential election pro-life people have to be as organized as their opposition.  Also we have to be smarter, plan better and work harder to win for the unborn. The ‘Yes on 8’ were as organized as the Democrats were this year and they won. In fact, a Californian writing about 8 on one blog said  “I heard a Democrat politician note that Prop 8 won because of good ‘ol fashion, door-to-door type neighborhood campaigning.” The Prop 8 people have stated on their website that over 100,000 volunteers were involved with ‘Yes on 8’.

I have always been proud of the pro-life movement in the U.S. We have worked hard and kept this issue alive. That is why the opposition has always been so ferocious.  Now let us begin again and pray, fast, and work harder, smarter, and even better on helping Americans say ‘yes for the unborn’.

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There was also a great deal of prayer. Do you know of any organizations that are working on a recall of the California Supreme Court? I found only this site so far:

Comment by Paul Benedict

Thanks for the information. I agree that prayer was a real factor. I know that Yes on Prop 8 had a large gathering to pray and fast for the proposition to pass in San Diego on the Sunday before the election with close to 40,000 people attending. And of course, many of us around the state were also praying and fasting.

The link to the recall petition doesn’t work – you probably didn’t type the URL out correctly.

Comment by unbornwordoftheday

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