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Something beautiful for the unborn as we start Advent
November 30, 2008, 10:26 pm
Filed under: Pro-life, Unborn Jesus


A photograph of the sculpture Mary Full of Life renders it larger than life. The image appears on a billboard over Old Town at the intersection of West Burnside Street and Northwest Third Avenue.

In an article entitled: Old Town billboard of pregnant Mary aims to bear hope, Nancy Haught begins:

“An image of a very pregnant Mary, the mother of Jesus, looks down on Old Town from a billboard on West Burnside Street and Northwest Third Avenue. In the weeks before Christmas, she is a reminder of the approaching celebration of her son’s birth.” Click here to read the rest of the story.

Recently, Valerie Aschbacher,  (who commissioned the sculpture and  put up the billboard) got in touch with us to share her beautiful website : Mary Full of Life.  In her email she said: ‘It appears Mary has been “speaking” to quite a few of us…..This artwork began in 2004.’

Click here to see this wonderful sculpture and the prayer that Valerie wrote artfully displayed and brought to life .

Let us pray.
Holy Mary, Full of Life
The Word lives within you!
Blessed are you among all generations
Divine is The Son, in your womb, Jesus.
Humble Mary, Bearer of God
Show us, your children,
How we may be born into new life.

Prayer by Valerie Aschbacher

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