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The most meaningless statement in the world!
January 21, 2009, 9:32 am
Filed under: Pro-life


Pontius Pilate washing his hands

“I am personally opposed to abortion, but…”

Thousands of politicians around the world over the last number of decades, since the legalization of abortion, have borrowed heavily from the game plan of Pontius Pilate:

Pilate “took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, ‘I am innocent of this righteous man’s blood; see to it yourselves’ (Mt 27:24). Translation 2,000 years later: “I am innocent of this righteous unborn baby’s blood; exercise your freedom of choice”.

Two days before the inauguration, our local Ventura County, CA newspaper, The Star, featured a front page article about Catholic, Doug Kmiec, the one time conservative Republican, turned avid Obama supporter. The paper portrayed him as a visionary and martyr for truth. Quoting Kmiec about the rejection he has been receiving from conservatives: “We’re instructed as Christians to turn the other cheek. When the cheek keeps getting whacked, you feel the sting”.

On the abortion issue, Kmiec – who appeared a few months ago at the local Catholic seminary in a widely publicized event at which he was the only featured speaker – defends Obama: “Though Obama supports a woman’s right to choose, he’s personally opposed to abortion, Kmiec said…”

In this “personal opposition” Obama joins a long line of infamous “Christian” politicians before him who have freely chosen to write the unborn off! Enter Joe Biden, who has served 36 years in the Senate, presiding over the massive assault on the unborn from his safe Senate seat, while his conscience took a back seat. (It should be noted that he was first sworn into the Senate on January 3, 1973 – just 20 days before the Supreme Court legalized abortion.)

But few can equal the audacious unrepentant Obama, as when he flippantly told moderator Rev. Rick Warren at Saddleback Church during the Presidential Campaign “That’s above my pay grade” in response to the question about when human life begins. A debater’s slight-of-tongue! A false humility, behind which the cagey debater can dodge momentarily! Claiming ignorance as a cover for one’s duplicitous acts! Reading between the lines: if it is above his “pay grade”, and he’s going to be President of the United States then no one else should presume to know the answer either! In other words, “it’s above everyone’s pay grade” so it can’t be known, and no one is culpable. Treacherous trickery!

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