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Bill Clinton thinks embryos aren’t fertilized????
March 11, 2009, 11:31 pm
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This post from one of my favorite bloggers, Kelly Clark, is just so startling that I am putting it up for you to read. The video link at the end of her post is really short and worth watching.


Former President Bill Clinton on embryos and I am not making this up!

I tried to embed the Larry King Live interview after being alerted by alert watcher Deborah but couldn’t. She writes:

Clinton spoke about embryos not being fertilized and said that if embryos were ever on their way to be fertilized, they shouldn’t be used for experimentation. He said this one way or another about 3 or 4 times and then ended by saying it unequivocally.

I couldn’t believe my ears! Surely, I thought, Dr. Gupta – a medical doctor, isn’t he? – is going to nicely point out that an embryo is an embryo because it has been fertilized, that it is a genetically complete fully fertilized egg. Gupta said nothing.

Can it be that Bill Clinton and Dr. Gupta don’t really know what an embryo is?

I hope someone in the pro-life movement will use the clip of Clinton saying fertilized embryos should not be used for experimentation!

Anyway, you’ve GOT to watch this: Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviews Bill Clinton on embryonic stem cell research

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This is incredible! Bill Clinton has no idea the huge can of worms he just opened.

Who knew: Bill Clinton, a poster boy for the Pro-Life movement? Thanks for your honesty, Mr. Clinton. Now we know you do speak the truth sometimes.

Comment by Fernando

Yes Fernando, his comment can be turned around to show he must be against embryonic stem cell research since embryo’s by definition are fertilized. And to paraphrase him ‘if they are fertilized they shouldn’t be used’. But, it was really amazing to me that he didn’t know this and was trying to defend embryonic stem cell research with an unscientific argument.

Comment by unbornwordoftheday

Sometimes politicians legitimately don’t know the science, and sometimes they know it (at least they’ve been told about embryonic development specifically) but choose to ignore it. I’m thinking here about Nancy Pelosi’s gross’ misuse of St. Augustine’s writings on the subject, and about John McCain’s stated support for embryonic stem cell research. I’m skeptical as to whether said politicians do any more than speak a viewpoint that will get then the most possible votes. United in the pro-life cause, and (more importantly) In Christ,


Comment by canadiancatholicblog

Bill Clinton has registered three Quotations in Bartlett’s:

“I did not inhale.”
“I did not have sex with that woman.”
“It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.”

The common denominator of all three is that they are all lies. Now he can add this statement that he would not favor experimentation on human embryos if it was intended that they were ever going to be fertilized. The man is not that stupid. It is a lie made for the usual reason, to fool people. He really thinks the word should be “implanted in the womb.” But “fertilized” will fool a lot more people. Forget this scam and all these scammers. They are infected by an evil I am increasingly reluctant to even gaze on.

Comment by George Clarke

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