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Laity for Life providing spiritual and moral support to pro-life Catholics
May 28, 2009, 11:36 pm
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This statue of the “Virgin Mary of Hope Expectant” was on display at Resurrection of Our Lord Parish in Fort Myers July 25 during a Novena for Life Mass. The statue appeared  at different parishes throughout the nine-month novena.

I wanted to let you know about  a wonderful group called Laity for Life because one of their objectives is to “provide spiritual and moral support for lay Catholics who are active in the pro-life movement”. Other objectives of the group are to ‘train Catholics to be persuasive pro-life speakers and encourage Church financial support for pro-life efforts’.

One way that they are fulfilling this objective is by promoting a Novena of Masses for Life. They have “borrowed and broadened the term ‘Novena’ to refer to the nine months of Our Lady’s pregnancy”.

During 2008 a series of 28 Masses for Life were celebrated throughout the Diocese of Venice in Florida starting on the feast of the Annunciation and thereafter on the 25th of each month until Christmas. Click here to see a schedule of these  Masses. A statue of “Virgin Mary of Hope Expectant” was brought to each of these Masses throughout the Diocese. The statue was designed by Antonio Reyes of Ecuador.  These  Masses for Life bring Catholics together  to pray for the unborn and to open their hearts to God for the spiritual strength needed to bring about a new culture of life.

This year they have expanded the Masses for Life to include 48 parishes and 121 Novena Masses following the same schedule from the Annunciation to Christmas.  Click here to see the 2009 schedule. Laity for Life  wants to promote the Novena of Masses for Life  all over the U.S.. If you would be interested in working with Laity for Life on this project you can contact them at :

LAITY for LIFE, Inc.
P.O. Box 111478
Naples FL 34108
VoiceMail : 239.352.6333
E-Mail: info@LaityForLife.org

Imagine the Potential from CatholicVote.org
May 9, 2009, 4:26 pm
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Here is a new ad from CatholicVote,org.  According to an article in the National Register, this new pro-life video ad has “initial acceptance” for broadcast on the closing episode of “American Idol.” Click here to read the article.

The Pro-life call to patience


Here are three insightful quotes about patience.

“Defending the dignity of the human person requires detachment from immediate results. We’re in this for the long term.… We have no right to despair and we have no reason to despair. Rev. Richard John Neuhaus

From an article by Colleen Carroll Campbell: A Lgacy of Connection and Common Ground in a Fragmented World

One of my favorite quotes from Mother St. Paul’s book Ortus Christi is about patience.

“Patience is a twofold grace, that of waiting and that of suffering, both are a great aid to zeal. The Eternal Word’s zeal for the salvation of men had existed in all its perfection and all its fullness from all eternity, yet think how long He waited! When the conditions were changed and He had at length become incarnate, He still waited patiently for nine months, and after that He waited for thirty years! This was zeal, zeal in its perfection. Is my zeal tempered with patience?”

Here is a interesting and encouraging quote about patience and perseverance from John Quincy Adams.

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)

Mary Ann Glendon and Notre Dame
May 4, 2009, 11:54 pm
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Here is a great cartoon courtesy of Jack Higgins and the Chicago Sun-Times

Mary Ann Glendon was to have received the Laetare Award at Notre Dame. Last week, she declined the award because of the controversy surrounding the University’s  decision to invite pro-abortion  President Barak Obama to give the commencement address. Her daughter Elizabeth Lev has written a wonderful piece which explains her mother’s decision. Click here to read the entire article.

Here is Elizabeth Lev’s answer to the  claim that Mary Ann Glendon’s speech would have brought balance to the event and help facilitate an engagement with the President on the issue of life.

Your notion that her “training in diplomacy” might somehow ease this situation does not take into account that she has a five-minute acceptance speech and he will have a lengthy commencement speech. There is no “engaging” here. Diplomacy generally teaches that if you have a rapier and your opponent has a missile launcher, try not to engage.

That Professor Glendon “did not like that Notre Dame was claiming her speech would serve to balance the event” is again facile and simplistic. What is there to like in being the deflector screen for inviting a profoundly divisive figure to give the commencement speech? What is likeable about a Catholic University named for the most important woman in Christianity exploiting a woman who has already dedicated her life to protecting the Church’s teaching by turning her into a warm-up act for a grotesque twist on a reality show?

Thanks to Genevieve Kineke at Feminine Genius for bringing this to our attention.

Mary Full of Life Billboard in St. Joseph’s County for all at Notre Dame to see!
May 2, 2009, 11:38 pm
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Can you help Valerie Aschbacher from Mary Full of Life erect a billboard similar to the one shown above, but in in St. Joseph Country for all at Notre Dame to see? Her request for approval of the billboard has been accepted, and the price for the month of May is $800. + $100 for production costs. She is donating $300 to the cause. If you can help with a donation please contact her at this  email: info@maryfulloflife.org

The dream of St Joseph
May 2, 2009, 1:30 am
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The Dream of St. Joseph (with unborn Christ Child) by Francisco Rizi (1608-1685)

In a subject that became popular in Spain during the 17th century, an angel appears to St. Joseph in a dream and explains that Mary has miraculously conceived a child. The luminous angel points to a vision of Mary with the infant Christ in her womb and the dove of the Holy Spirit above her. The veneration of the expectant Virgin as protectress of women in childbirth was prevalent at the Spanish court and was promoted by the royal confessor.

The angel comes to Joseph in a dream, pointing to the luminous vision of Mary crowned with stars (Apocalypse 12:1), with the Divine Spirit (dove and triangle) hovering over her and Jesus Incarnate in her womb. The angel also seems to carry a book and a light, perhaps indicating the fulfillment of the prophecies quoted in Matthew’s text. The white flowers may indicate the fruitful virginity that Joseph is to share with Mary and Jesus. Joseph’s halo shows him to be the “righteous man” of faith (Matthew 1:19). The angel communicates to Joseph his vocation as husband of the Mother of God.

Francisco Rizi was the Spanish-born son of a Bolognese painter who went to work for Philip II at the Escorial in 1583. Rizi, became the royal painter to Philip IV in 1658.