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Mary Ann Glendon and Notre Dame
May 4, 2009, 11:54 pm
Filed under: Inspirational Pro-life leaders, Pro-life

Here is a great cartoon courtesy of Jack Higgins and the Chicago Sun-Times

Mary Ann Glendon was to have received the Laetare Award at Notre Dame. Last week, she declined the award because of the controversy surrounding the University’s  decision to invite pro-abortion  President Barak Obama to give the commencement address. Her daughter Elizabeth Lev has written a wonderful piece which explains her mother’s decision. Click here to read the entire article.

Here is Elizabeth Lev’s answer to the  claim that Mary Ann Glendon’s speech would have brought balance to the event and help facilitate an engagement with the President on the issue of life.

Your notion that her “training in diplomacy” might somehow ease this situation does not take into account that she has a five-minute acceptance speech and he will have a lengthy commencement speech. There is no “engaging” here. Diplomacy generally teaches that if you have a rapier and your opponent has a missile launcher, try not to engage.

That Professor Glendon “did not like that Notre Dame was claiming her speech would serve to balance the event” is again facile and simplistic. What is there to like in being the deflector screen for inviting a profoundly divisive figure to give the commencement speech? What is likeable about a Catholic University named for the most important woman in Christianity exploiting a woman who has already dedicated her life to protecting the Church’s teaching by turning her into a warm-up act for a grotesque twist on a reality show?

Thanks to Genevieve Kineke at Feminine Genius for bringing this to our attention.

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